Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My most favorite thing.

As a collector, the question I'm regularly asked is "What is the most favorite thing that you own?"
Throughout the years it's changed many times.
I mean, my Golly toy that I got from my Nan when I was born and who still sits on my bed will always be on the top of the list, even with the sucked off nose and the chopped off hair that occurred as it was passed down through both my sister and brother.
And then of course would come all of my precious photographs and memories.
Oh and I guess then I should say my shop would be right up there too...
But besides all of these things, I think I've figured it out.
It'd have to be my reference books. I absolutely love learning new things, never mind learning with pictures!
When I buy a new reference book, I become like a kid again, checking my mailbox like it's my birthday and I'm hoping to find a card from Grandma with $20 in it.
Except now, I do that every day. Even the day after I purchased the book because well... you never know!!!
I've been amazed at some of the lightning fast delivery times I've experienced.

Yesterday I ordered the most amazing book! Megan from Velour Vintage posted me a link to one listed on eBay, but I was the underbidder and missed out.
So on the hunt I went for another and I found one.
I just got the email to say that it's been shipped.
My toes are already twiddling, and I can't wait to wake up wide eyed tomorrow morning to shuffle to the mail box in my dressing gown and caravan slippers, knowing it hasn't arrived yet, but secretly hoping!

It makes the time when it arrives all the more special.

Here it is

L'Utopie Du Tout Plastique by Philippe Decelle, Diane Hennebert & Pierre Loze

It's a 158 page catalog published in 1994, featuring all the most amazing pieces of plastic design from the years 1960–1973.
Could there be anything more up my alley than this book?
How is it that I haven't heard of it before.
Who cares! It's on its way to my house right now yippeeeeee!

See I get very excited about reference books haha.

Until my next post...


Monday, April 4, 2011

The caravan begins to look like a real shop!

After last weekend, the progress has been huge and it's really looking like a real shop!

So I thought I'd post a few more photos.

(Larger images can be found on my facebook page.)

There's still another shelf to install where the blank white wall is, and then there's of course the major job of painting the outside.

There's a possibility that we're going to change the paint job to keeping the van pure white, with a green curved stripe instead of the opposite which was the original plan, but either way it will still look amazing.

Anyway I hope you like the updates.

Trish xx

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