Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A whole new blog!

I have some happy and sad news!

This blog that I've had since 2008 is soon going to be no longer :(
It will still be online for you to read back through, but my posts will no longer be posted here.

However!! NEVER FEAR! A whole new one is being born!

It's going to be amaaazing!
It's going to be all rolled into my new website, a fresh start, and I've already made 5 posts in it in preparation for it's launch!
However it's not online yet, so you'll have to stay tuned!

During the past year I've been such a terrible blogger, but with this new blog that's coming, I feel I have so much more to offer, as fresh starts always seem to do that, It gives you that motivation back again.
Kind of like when you buy an empty notebook, you feel the need to start something amazing. To write a novel, or draw a work of art.

That is where the next video post will be located, and that is where a lot of fabulous posts on all things vintage can be found.
Eee I can't wait to show it off already.

But it hopefully won't be too far away.

I just wanted to pre-warn you. :)

I'll be sure to let you know when it's all happening as I'm already busting at the seams!

Ok I'll stop rambling.

Until my next post..... in a new location.....

Oh wait, no I will post another here to tell you where the new location will be! As because it's not even online yet I don't even know! hahaha.

Enjoy this pretty & sunny day.



Nelly said...

Welll I went looking to follow your new blog and then read your post again to see why I couldnt find it lol So will wait with baited/bated? breath.

Love_Again said...

sounds fabulous trish!

i have a giveaway you may be interested in (there is an awesome stag pin/brooch on offer), check my latest blog post for details.

Don O. said...


For your Austin BBQ question, easy answer, Franklin BBQ. Just be in line 30 minutes before they open or you will miss out. The other alternative is to drive 40 miles SE to Luling and have the ribs at City Market. Happy ribbing!

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