Saturday, May 29, 2010

My new little Opshopping friend.

I'd like you to meet the newest member of the Hunter family :)
This is Betty!

Just look at that face would you!

She was rescued by 'The Animal Rehoming Service' or TARS which is a non profit animal rescue service in Melbourne, who does an amazing job rescuing neglected animals and finding them great homes.

She's had a hard life, but it all got better when TARS rescued her from a bad home, and fostered her out to the owners of Fat Helens Vintage shop on Chapel St.
Helen and her Family did the most amazing job bringing back Betty's personality (and boy does she have one!), giving her a loving home, and doing so until the right person was ready to adopt her.

I think it was meant to be!
I mean a dog brought up in a Vintage shop? Surely she'll fit right in at my home :)
And she does. She's currently sprawled out on the floor like she's been here for years, and this is only day two!

We had the most fun game of fetch earlier. She gets so excited runs on her hind legs, smiling away, darting after the ball like her life depends on it! What a darling dog.

If you have time, space, and a heart filled with love to give, call TARS, or go to any dog shelter/pound and adopt a dog who really needs a home. And don't just think about puppies, adopt a dog! They have just as much love, and they're often already trained and ready to go!

Next week Betty and I will be heading out on our first opshopping trip! I can't wait.

Trish and Betty :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Somethings Brewing!!

You may have noticed I've been rather absent in the blogosphere as of late!
But I have a very good reason!
This time for real, I'm opening a SHOP!!!
I've signed the papers, I get to start working on it in a couple of weeks (It's going to be a lonnnng two weeks)
And I will be open hopefully in 4ish months.
I can't say much more than that just yet!
But as soon as I can, you'll know every itty bitty detail including where I'll be, and most importantly WHEN!
I can't wait for you all to visit me! It's been my dream for yeaaaaars!
I almost can't believe it's actually happening!
I bought a clothing steamer today and I was such a giddy dork! But I just felt like it was making it all the more real!
It's so hard to believe that you're getting a shop when you don't actually have it to stand in and work on!
All I want to do is design it! Pick paint colours etc... but I can't and its KILLING ME!
Soon Trish... Soon!
Ok I better go before I explode with excitement.

I've also started a secret blog with all the shops beginnings posted. I'll share it with you all when I can!!

Ok time to go and cuddle the hot water bottle. Brr its that time of year isn't it!

So excited.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our house!

Is going to be a very very very fine house.

I've had a few people email me asking about how Marysville is going and how the house is coming along, but until today I honestly haven't known.
I have heard bits and pieces, but until today, I was still quite uncomfortable about it, and had imagined that seeing something there that isn't my house would upset me more than not having that image in my head. So I separated myself from it.
Anyway, I was talking to Dad today and he mentioned again that I should come down and check out the new house. He sounds quite proud of it!
But still hesitant, I suggested perhaps he send me a few pics.
I'm so glad he did, because it was actually quite a relief.
I too was proud of it. I never thought I would be. It's cute, and quaint, and isn't some unhomely modern Ikea house that I imagined and secretly resented. Which was silly as I hadn't even seen it.
Anyway.... I thought I'd share the pics because it's an exciting step forward for our Family, Dad, Marysville, and a massive change in view for me.
I'm ready to go back again now, and it's SO nice to say that confidently.
I've felt so guilty for avoiding it.

Ok so some piccies :)

Big yays!!


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