Friday, April 30, 2010

Boot Season!!

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Also, my second article for A New Muse Magazine is now available to read!
It's titled SPACE AGE. Hope you enjoy it!

Hope to see you all this Sunday!
Bring your Mum for Mothers Day and maybe she may find something nice too!
Or at least enjoy a yummy hot jam donut and a nice day out. :)

If you can't make it on Sunday, you can always shop with THF online!
Just click HERE.
I've changed around the layout, so hopefully it's a little more easy to navigate through. There's about 80 new items listed over the past few weeks, so you may find something nice :)

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I found at Camberwell Market.

When most people come home from a shopping trip at Camberwell Market, I'm sure they don't come home with anything like I did.
Perhaps they found a cute handbag, A pretty vintage frock, or maybe that one piece of their collection they'd been missing.
Or, maybe they found...

A giant lion costume!

(I'm actually pose roaring underneath!! How stupid.)

How could I not buy this? It was amazing!
I do love oversized things. They just appeal to me for some reason.
Perhaps its because I've got no room to put them. Gr.
A few months ago, I desperately wanted a giant fibreglass shark mouth (Like luna park but smaller and sharkier) from the top of a fish and chip shop in Perth. I'm so lucky the courier was too expensive or I sooo would have bid!
I had dreams of turning it into a table to put in my shop, or maybe just putting it on the roof of my one day to be shop to get some attention.
Ah well, it wasn't meant to be.
Anyway, when this was hanging over a rail, I was amazed it hadn't been bought!
So off I walked with a giant Lion.
Its times like this I'm lucky I don't have a husband or family to come home to. Or this would definitely have been one of those shaking head moments ahha.

Anyway, despite the pouring rain, and gale-force winds it was fantastic day at Camberwell!! (I really should have just worn the lion costume. I would have been much warmer.)
Here's my stall before it was blown away.

By the end of the day I'd given up tidying it up and just left it like a cyclone had passed through.

I looked at myself in the mirror of the car after I'd packed up and my gosh I wish someone had told me I looked like a cyclone had hit ME!
My makeup was panda, my fringe looked crimped? And I don't even have curly hair!? I was a mess hahaha. It was rather comical.

Ok in other news, I haven't put much in my shop of late as I've been super busy, but I've got SO SO SO many things to come!
Like, my list has 36 items to photograph, and that includes the word 'hats, and furs' which in itself there's heaps of each! So urhghh where to start!
Here's just a preview of some of the things!

Possibly the most amazing fully beaded top in the whole wide world. Brand new with tags, so intricate and heavy! Full night scene that goes from front to back and has arm tassels! Pwoah!

Really Retro lamp! Crazy amazing shade!

Pixie O Harris story book with lovely colour plates

Sega Master System 2 with games!

And some more 80's hand consoles including DONKEY KONG!

Sticking to the 80's theme is this amazing Star Wars wallpaper and trading card gum packs.

Smurf for fun Tote bag.

Burglar Bill musical decanter

Bitossi Ashtray.

And a Gunda Ashtray.

My gosh and there's so so much more! That was just what I could quickly find! The list is huge!

Also, I got a part time job at a brand new Retro/Collectables shop opening up this month in Montmorency!! (Greensborough/Eltham area) I hope you'll all come out, stop by and pick up some fabulous treasures!! It's right opposite the train station so its easy to find!
I'll give you more info soon! :)


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What inspires me?

As you may know I've become a monthly contributor for brand new online magazine "A New Muse".
I was asked today to send through a childhood photograph of myself, with a short description of what inspires me, for their contributors page.

I thought writing what inspired me would be super easy, as I'm so often inspired, and love so many things!
I was wrong. I couldn't pinpoint one thing!

I was stumped. What gives me that inspiring itch?
I know when I'm inspired my toes twiddle, and I get this tightness in my chest that makes me feel I need to do something RIGHT NOW! and I usually do.
I've always been a NOW person. So very impulsive. But I have to do it now, because thats when I'm inspired right?
But what are these inspirations that cause these feelings?
I found it so hard to describe!
So as I sat here in front of my empty Microsoft Word page feeling a little silly that I had no idea how my own brain worked, I started to get bored and look around.
And then my toes twiddled. I was inspired about something.
So I focused in on exactly what was going on and my fingers couldn't type quicker.

"I'm inspired when I see a gap in life that I can get excited to fill...
...and then it snowballs.
A mannequin without a hat leads to -
This mannequin needs a hat.
But what kind of hat?
Maybe I could make a hat!
I could be a hat maker.
Ok so I need a hat block.
I'm off to go shopping for some fabric,
and I better drag out my sewing machine.
The hat may end up being a complete failure, and the mannequin may end up wearing a funky vintage hat I picked up along the learning experience.
But I learned I can't make hats, and the mannequin has some head wear, so my inspiration was fulfilled.
I get many of these inspirations every day.
I love them."

I realised I can't put my inspiration in dot points.
Its like everything I type. A story.

I absolutely loved writing this!
Doing so, was really quite inspiring to myself in itself!
It actually really summed up me, and how I work!
I've never had to try to explain how I work and that is exactly it!
It can be used as a metaphor for so many things that I do.
I have no idea if this makes sense to anyone, but it really did something beneficial to me by writing this, and so I had to try and share.

I'll leave you with the childhood picture I chose for myself haha.

Happy Little Vegemite!

PS: I was posted a couple more different magazine covers I appeared on, so uploaded them to the previous blog if you'd like to look :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trish Hunter Finds is Front Page News! Eeeeeee!

After a night of tears from 'car on deaths door' troubles, (He's at the repair man now :( fingers crossed he'll come out alive.) All was forgotten when an email arrived in my inbox this morning with a copy of the article coming out in 6 of Melbourne's newspapers and magazines, as I mentioned a few blogs ago.
Six! WOW!
And one of them is on the FRONT COVER! Wahhhh!
As I stared at myself on the computer it was a very, dare I say it... 'surreal' moment.

I started this blog as a hobby to share with you my opshop finds.
I had one follower and I was like woooo! then two, then 10, and I was thinking 'Wew 10 people read my blog, this is SO COOL!'
It later blossomed into an online shop that I love and am so proud of, and now I'm in these well known Melbourne newspapers, for doing something that I love, am passionate about, and hope to do until I'm an old crabby shop lady, with brightly dyed hair, who wears outfits that kids photograph with whatever phones are invented then, to send to their friends of the crazy Nanna walking down the street.
There's a lot more than 10 people reading these newspapers, so overwhelmed, excited, and proud are understated feelings I'm experiencing at the moment.

Ok enough blabber, here it is!

(Well the pictures anyway)

The article will be readable shortly at
And I'm not sure exactly what all the newspapers it'll be in are, but There's the one below, The Melbourne Weekly and the Melbourne Times. So hopefully there'll be one in your area!

*Update: I've discovered a few more covers from various locations around Victoria! here they are...*

I'd like to quickly say a massive thanks to those who initially inspired me to start my blog, to people who have read my ramble from the very beginning, and those who might have just found me, a big big HUGE thankyou! :) And I hope you continue to do so.
AND, when the time comes to visit the real life Trish Hunter Finds store, I hope you'll be the first to come and visit! :):)
I'm off to celebrate with a big huge dose of Creme egg love :)


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