Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Happy Christmas!

Yeee it's that time of the year again!
However this year, we're blessed with a big change!

While most Christmases we remember being dressed in our best, stuck to a vinyl car seat with the windows wound all the way down hoping we don't sweat off our makeup on the 40 degree day.

This Christmas, the weather man today announced that there is a possibility of having that Christmas we have all dreamed of and lusted after, while watching those classic Christmas movies like A Mom for Christmas, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Yes Classics :)

Yes this year in Melbourne, there is said to be A WHITE CHRISTMAS. *Cue Bing Crosby*
For years we have sadly turned down those kitsch and fabulous Christmas jumpers we've seen in the Opshops.
We even invented Christmas in July, just so we can live the dream out that festive wintery dream.
But no matter how much tinsel we used, or carols we played, we still knew it wasn't quite the real thing.

Everything has changed this year, and lets all hope that just this once, Melbourne's mother nature does us proud, sticks by it's forecast and brings us a Christmas where we can wear a wintery hat, light a fire, drink hot cocoa, and make SNOWMEN! Well ok, even just a light sprinkle across the ground will do, snowmen are a little optimistic.

And the new year! Oh what a fabulous year 2011 will be.
Finally the Trish Hunter Finds traveling boutique will be open for business.
The Camberwell stalls have been booked as of March so it's official!
I've included a few photos with how it's coming along. :)
It's all getting a bit exciting now, and very very real.

I shall keep you posted with it's progression as it's happening so quickly now!

Oh the image posted at the top is a Christmas card that I received from a friend this year. Isn't it lovely? A thrift store in the UK makes them. What a great idea.

Anyway, Until my next post, have the most Merry of all Christmases, and an amazing amazing New Year!

Trish xx

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