Saturday, August 7, 2010

Storage and Display

Hi guys!
Something that's been lacking at my place of late is storage/organisation and display.
I've said a trillion times that display is one of my favorite things, but due to dealing with so much shop stock, it's been filling my house to the brim, crowding and hiding all my little displays that keep me so happy.

So today I got stuck in, and brought back some pretty displays with the things that I love, and finally got my bursting at the seams bookshelf into some kind of order, and did a sad cull of a whole TWO BOOKS!! I couldn't dare part with anymore.

I took a few pictures of a few of my more happy looking displays :)

Some of my blues

Some of my reds

My Kitsch shelf was something that needed some serious attention.
One small shelf was jam packed with my little japanese figures, some were even dangerously stacked! Eek.
The art glass shelf has now turned into a zoo of china :)

Some of my deer figures

Cats and people figures

And lastly that reference bookshelf. Books were seriously jammed in any gap possible and were so unorganized it was stopping me reading as taking out one book was so much of a chore. Finally, I have a Fashion shelf, a Collectables reference shelf, an art section, a Vintage house decorating/interior design section, and lastly a Frankie Magazine section. My newest book is called 'Antique Dealer' published in the 50's. That should be an interesting read.

The caravan is coming along nicely! I should have more photos to show you all by early next week! You can check out various pics up to now at

Have a fabulous weekend! :)


~OnGossamerWings~ said...

those are very interesting blue animal figurines with geometric designs...almost ancient looking! Know anything about them?

Krystal Lee said...

hi trish

im jess lee's sister and she has been going on about this blog for ages, so im finally here! looks really good :)


Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

The white shelf is really neat. Where did you get it & does the type of shelf got a certain name?

trishhunterfinds said...

Hi guys! Sorry for the late reply!
On Gossamer Wings: The animals are by Australian pottery maker Gus McLaren and his wife Betty in some cases.
They're so detailed and fantastic I love them! Theres a little more information in my store where one is being sold :)

Krystal! HIIII!! Your blog is fantastic! Glad Jess told you about me that's so nice, and now i know of your blog too!

Sir thrift a lot, good to see a guy who loves thrifting as much as I.
The shelf itself isn't actually vintage! It's very in the style of Kartell, however I actually bought it off a hairdresser, as it is a Loreal point of sale stand for their hair care in the hair dressers, I just pulled off their signage and wallah! :)

sad said...

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felix and lily said...

I am MEGA jealous of your kitsch ornament collection! I collect them too & yours is making me drool!

- Krystal xo

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