Wednesday, July 14, 2010


What a busy couple of weeks it's been! More busy than my normal busy which is busy busy busy! Aargh!
I've done a whole lot of re-designing in preparation for the shop!
There's a brand new website, a brand new shop and a brand new look!
All a little exciting, and nice to see something fresh.

Giant, huge, enormous apologies for the lack of posts and comments and readings, but once the craziness of opening up shop has happened, I can hopefully relax a little and keep you all posted with heaps of fun photos and updates that I've oh so missed posting!

Today I got a delivery of my re-useable purple tote bags which are lots of fun and started to make me feel all shoppy. It's hard to feel like it's actually all happening when I don't have anything physical infront of me to work with.
Lucky I have the shop designer himself sending me regular photos of how it's coming along or I'd go a little more batty I think!

Don't forget to become a fan on facebook to see new photos of the shops progression, updates on Camberwell stalls, and oh! You can see my new tote bags there too! Weeee!

Happy Thursday :)

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