Friday, May 21, 2010

Somethings Brewing!!

You may have noticed I've been rather absent in the blogosphere as of late!
But I have a very good reason!
This time for real, I'm opening a SHOP!!!
I've signed the papers, I get to start working on it in a couple of weeks (It's going to be a lonnnng two weeks)
And I will be open hopefully in 4ish months.
I can't say much more than that just yet!
But as soon as I can, you'll know every itty bitty detail including where I'll be, and most importantly WHEN!
I can't wait for you all to visit me! It's been my dream for yeaaaaars!
I almost can't believe it's actually happening!
I bought a clothing steamer today and I was such a giddy dork! But I just felt like it was making it all the more real!
It's so hard to believe that you're getting a shop when you don't actually have it to stand in and work on!
All I want to do is design it! Pick paint colours etc... but I can't and its KILLING ME!
Soon Trish... Soon!
Ok I better go before I explode with excitement.

I've also started a secret blog with all the shops beginnings posted. I'll share it with you all when I can!!

Ok time to go and cuddle the hot water bottle. Brr its that time of year isn't it!

So excited.



dear prudence said...

Hey Trish, so exciting!!!!!!
I know exactly what you're saying.

and how cool is the steamer, I LOVE MY STEAMER. a tip if you're up for it-I put a couple of drops of quality essential oil in the water, and when the steamer kicks in, makes the clothes smell heavenly! using lemon and cinnamon at the mo-shop smells delicious!!!!!! soz did'nt get back re bags-so much goes on, can't keep up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Trish

It is Kazza here. I am over the moon for you.

I will not promise but if I am in your shop's area I will definitely pop in for a browse and of course to meet you face to face.

Go Trish!

Lozzy said...

cant wait to see your shop...soooooooooo excited for you. Good luck and I will pop in for a browse when its up and running.
P.S if you want to stock some of my vintage dolls let me know!

sad said...

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