Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our house!

Is going to be a very very very fine house.

I've had a few people email me asking about how Marysville is going and how the house is coming along, but until today I honestly haven't known.
I have heard bits and pieces, but until today, I was still quite uncomfortable about it, and had imagined that seeing something there that isn't my house would upset me more than not having that image in my head. So I separated myself from it.
Anyway, I was talking to Dad today and he mentioned again that I should come down and check out the new house. He sounds quite proud of it!
But still hesitant, I suggested perhaps he send me a few pics.
I'm so glad he did, because it was actually quite a relief.
I too was proud of it. I never thought I would be. It's cute, and quaint, and isn't some unhomely modern Ikea house that I imagined and secretly resented. Which was silly as I hadn't even seen it.
Anyway.... I thought I'd share the pics because it's an exciting step forward for our Family, Dad, Marysville, and a massive change in view for me.
I'm ready to go back again now, and it's SO nice to say that confidently.
I've felt so guilty for avoiding it.

Ok so some piccies :)

Big yays!!



harbourmaster said...

It looks lovely! It will never be the SAME but it is exciting to be building a new home, where you and your family can reminisce and create new memories.

she will have her way said...

Wow Trish, it looks like it will be amazing, I bet it has awesome views! We drove out to Marysville a wee while back, and the destruction was far more than even we had thought it would be, its good to hear that people are bringing the countryside back to life again.

lyptis said...

Nice house, im glad to hear u like it!

Id be interested to know how much financial support the people in your area got from the red cross and the government, with all the donations.
I really dont know a lot about it, but i hope the money is actually given to you guys and u can put it to good use.:)

lozzyslifecreations said...

Trish I am so glad that you feel that way. It's important to move forward, never forgetting but trying your best to look toward the future. Marysville is a special place and with a little help and support it will thrive again.

trishhunterfinds said...

Thanks everyone! I get so excited to share such important things. And what a weight off my chest being proud and not guilty about it.
I too am not sure about the money situation. I haven't brought it up, as it doesn't really matter to me. I know 100% of it gets put towards rebuilding and to families, so that's really all that I need to know.
Marysville Primary School just got re-opened and apparently it looks wonderful! And no doubt that wouldn't have happened without so many generous donations from everyone!!
The town and all the towns affected I'm sure are so very grateful!
Now all I need is a spare day to get down there :):):)

lisadom said...

what a wonderful sight! I am intrigued about the growth around the site - what kind of trees are they and how charry is the rest of the forest. Or did you Dad choose a new location?


Charity Shop Charmer said...

Howdy Trish,

This house is already shaping up into a home. It's good to know you're feeling fine about it. Yes, it's a big step forward and it's also a really, really good one.

Linda said...

a very cute house indeed :)

from Linda the PHONe girl :)

sad said...

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