Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I found at Camberwell Market.

When most people come home from a shopping trip at Camberwell Market, I'm sure they don't come home with anything like I did.
Perhaps they found a cute handbag, A pretty vintage frock, or maybe that one piece of their collection they'd been missing.
Or, maybe they found...

A giant lion costume!

(I'm actually pose roaring underneath!! How stupid.)

How could I not buy this? It was amazing!
I do love oversized things. They just appeal to me for some reason.
Perhaps its because I've got no room to put them. Gr.
A few months ago, I desperately wanted a giant fibreglass shark mouth (Like luna park but smaller and sharkier) from the top of a fish and chip shop in Perth. I'm so lucky the courier was too expensive or I sooo would have bid!
I had dreams of turning it into a table to put in my shop, or maybe just putting it on the roof of my one day to be shop to get some attention.
Ah well, it wasn't meant to be.
Anyway, when this was hanging over a rail, I was amazed it hadn't been bought!
So off I walked with a giant Lion.
Its times like this I'm lucky I don't have a husband or family to come home to. Or this would definitely have been one of those shaking head moments ahha.

Anyway, despite the pouring rain, and gale-force winds it was fantastic day at Camberwell!! (I really should have just worn the lion costume. I would have been much warmer.)
Here's my stall before it was blown away.

By the end of the day I'd given up tidying it up and just left it like a cyclone had passed through.

I looked at myself in the mirror of the car after I'd packed up and my gosh I wish someone had told me I looked like a cyclone had hit ME!
My makeup was panda, my fringe looked crimped? And I don't even have curly hair!? I was a mess hahaha. It was rather comical.

Ok in other news, I haven't put much in my shop of late as I've been super busy, but I've got SO SO SO many things to come!
Like, my list has 36 items to photograph, and that includes the word 'hats, and furs' which in itself there's heaps of each! So urhghh where to start!
Here's just a preview of some of the things!

Possibly the most amazing fully beaded top in the whole wide world. Brand new with tags, so intricate and heavy! Full night scene that goes from front to back and has arm tassels! Pwoah!

Really Retro lamp! Crazy amazing shade!

Pixie O Harris story book with lovely colour plates

Sega Master System 2 with games!

And some more 80's hand consoles including DONKEY KONG!

Sticking to the 80's theme is this amazing Star Wars wallpaper and trading card gum packs.

Smurf for fun Tote bag.

Burglar Bill musical decanter

Bitossi Ashtray.

And a Gunda Ashtray.

My gosh and there's so so much more! That was just what I could quickly find! The list is huge!

Also, I got a part time job at a brand new Retro/Collectables shop opening up this month in Montmorency!! (Greensborough/Eltham area) I hope you'll all come out, stop by and pick up some fabulous treasures!! It's right opposite the train station so its easy to find!
I'll give you more info soon! :)



Love_Again said...

that beaded top is so good!

i can't believe i missed out on the lion costume on sunday! i totally would have bought it.

inapeartree said...

Wow! I love the bags you are selling. Do you have any left?

peaitlreiecnia said...

superb post!!

the lion suit is hilarious!

trishhunterfinds said...

Love_again - hahaha I really was surprised it was still there!! Taking photos in it was a huge effort! My god!

Inapeartree - I do have heappps left!! I have that many bags, and I keep buying them for the market, so theres new ones every time I have a stall! :):) My next stalls on May 2nd :)

Peaitlreiecnia - Thankyouu!! omg I was laughing that whole time! hahahah

RetroJetGirl said...

Ooh a master system II!

What games does it have? I want one of those!

Circa62 said...

That lion suit pic is a classic! You're one in a million Trish :)

piglet said...

Haha the lion suit had me cracking up!

trishhunterfinds said...

Retro Jet Girl! - I can't remember!! I'm so sorry! I just photographed them but they were boy games (aka not sonic or Michael Jackson Moonwalker (best game ever) ) so I didn't actually register them! But I'll be working on the pics tomorrow and they'll be up super soon!!

Circa 62 and Piglet - Hahah yay!! I'm glad I got some giggles!! You would have laughed harder if you'd watched me actually try to take the photo!! My head kept knocking over the tripod, and the suit had no arm holes and my hands were too fat to push the button so I'd have to take it half off to push the button then run back and try and put the suit back on before the flash went off. omg really bad!! hahaha

Lanelle Elizabeth said...

I love that costume. Amazing. You look amazing in it too :P

When my boyfriend was in highschool, he and his best friend for their year 12 muck up photo hired RABBIT costumes :)

Since then he's regreted returning the costume because he put down a $120 deposit on it - and if it wasn't returned he simply lost the deposit, given that they're $300+ new! :)

Love your new finds too!

Skye said...

Haha, no not me on Masterchef - another chick called Skye from the Gold Coast. I must say that unlike me she has an orange fake tan and an upper lip I suspect is not the one she was born with, and is a waaaaaaaay better cook than me!

Lecon de vetement said...

hello! I would be honored if you could give me feed back about my collection in my recent blog post!

sad said...

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