Monday, April 5, 2010

Trish Hunter Finds is Front Page News! Eeeeeee!

After a night of tears from 'car on deaths door' troubles, (He's at the repair man now :( fingers crossed he'll come out alive.) All was forgotten when an email arrived in my inbox this morning with a copy of the article coming out in 6 of Melbourne's newspapers and magazines, as I mentioned a few blogs ago.
Six! WOW!
And one of them is on the FRONT COVER! Wahhhh!
As I stared at myself on the computer it was a very, dare I say it... 'surreal' moment.

I started this blog as a hobby to share with you my opshop finds.
I had one follower and I was like woooo! then two, then 10, and I was thinking 'Wew 10 people read my blog, this is SO COOL!'
It later blossomed into an online shop that I love and am so proud of, and now I'm in these well known Melbourne newspapers, for doing something that I love, am passionate about, and hope to do until I'm an old crabby shop lady, with brightly dyed hair, who wears outfits that kids photograph with whatever phones are invented then, to send to their friends of the crazy Nanna walking down the street.
There's a lot more than 10 people reading these newspapers, so overwhelmed, excited, and proud are understated feelings I'm experiencing at the moment.

Ok enough blabber, here it is!

(Well the pictures anyway)

The article will be readable shortly at
And I'm not sure exactly what all the newspapers it'll be in are, but There's the one below, The Melbourne Weekly and the Melbourne Times. So hopefully there'll be one in your area!

*Update: I've discovered a few more covers from various locations around Victoria! here they are...*

I'd like to quickly say a massive thanks to those who initially inspired me to start my blog, to people who have read my ramble from the very beginning, and those who might have just found me, a big big HUGE thankyou! :) And I hope you continue to do so.
AND, when the time comes to visit the real life Trish Hunter Finds store, I hope you'll be the first to come and visit! :):)
I'm off to celebrate with a big huge dose of Creme egg love :)



Poppet said...

yippie.....congrats trish...that is amazing! and it couldn't be more deserved :) well done look incredible sitting in your chair!

Linda M said...


Love_Again said...

Fantastic! Living the life, eh.

Charity Shop Charmer said...

All the best on a wonderful achievement; may there be many more. Can't wait to read the article, in The Age, no less!!!

jjaci said...

Oh wow! That is so awesome! Congrats!! The pics look great, too.

Helga! said...

You are a hell of a lot of fun to read!!Glad to see your fabulousness is paying off!

foxglove said...

Congratulations, this is great, and got to love that chair!

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

That is extremely awesome.
Have you been on The Collectors yet!?
(I'm a researcher/ producer (TV) and so I have no doubt that they would love to hear from you! It is my fav show, and I recently saw my old orthodontist make an appearance with his vintage bike collection! haha)
Cover looks great… great achievement- bravo!

trishhunterfinds said...

Yeee! Thankyou all so very VERY much!!
Its definitely been a bizarre day!
But it all happened in good time as I would have been all blaa and sulky about my hunk of metal on wheels if this hadn't had happened so YAY! :)

piglet said...

That is so cool, congrats!

nollyposh said...

You go girrrL! X:-)

Annie said...

Congrats on the Cover! I just found your blog through the article in my local mag (Melbourne Weekly Easter) - you're on the front page there too!

I love your blog - I am also a dedicated treasure hunter... I often blog about how much I love opp shops! Would love to support you any way I can :-)

Anonymous said...

congrats trish!! how exciting :)

she will have her way said...

What great photos!!!congrats to you, i will be on the lookout for the paper!

robolyd said...

Hey, congrats, the photos look awesome! I'm not in Melbourne but would love to read the article(s), do you have a copy you can scan?

trishhunterfinds said...

Heya Robolyd! No need to scan! It's online :):):)

Hope that helps

robolyd said...

Great, thanks for the link, Trish!

x Lydia

Year at the Op Shop said...

Oh Trish I haven't seen this cover. I cannot believe my newspaper wasn't delivered that week (actually we have missed a few now come to think of it). You look great!


sad said...

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Chet said...


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