Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I've become obsessed.
Well I always go through little obsessions.
Some might call them fazes, and that they're a part of growing up and finding yourself etc etc, but I know who I am. I just like stuff, and then I don't anymore, and then I like it again... and when I'm liking it, I really like it and that's where the little obsession part comes into it.
At the moment it's spots.
I had the spot obsession about 5 years ago where everything had to be spotty, but this time it's a lot worse.
It all started with this dress I bought at Camberwell Market last time I was... supposedly selling there haha (Bought about as much as I sold eep!)
Anyway... here's the dress

Ok no I'm going to back track... It didn't start there.
It was brewing for a while but that dress purchase is what made me go 'Oooh obsessive time'
Ok forward track, so I do remember going back to my stall where I left my poor male 'clothing non-lover especially when they're dresses' friend while I went shopping, and said, 'from now on all I want to wear is spots.'
See the freaky obcessiveness come out.
That did quickly change when I left him there again to go shopping and bought a paisley and a floral dress, but the desperate need to go home and throw out all my clothes that weren't spotty away was itching me! Tad extreme.
So a couple of days later I get home and I didn't throw out all non spotty clothes like I stupidly thought, but I decided to do a massive clearout and keep only in my wardrobe dresses that fit properly, don't need a belt to make it fit, aren't too short, and that are spotty or me.
This left me with a MASSIVE clear out pile to take to Camby this Sun the 14th!
There's jumpsuits, Sailor dresses, Mini dresses, Florals, Kaftans, omg just everything that doesn't fit in my categories anymore.
So yeh you can nab a whole lot of stuff if you come by!!
um, And, It turns out I have 12 spotty dresses :) and they make me feel so very me, and very happy.
That was a very long story that I'm sure doesn't make much sense and perhaps makes me appear a little crazy, but that's okay because I am a little crazy, and I quite my enjoy spontaneous changes, extremes and obsessions.

Obsessions are actually how I learn the best.
When I get hooked on something I need to know everything about it! For example my mannequin obsession not long ago that I'm almost over as I got my fix, you could ask me anything about mannequins and I could tell you! Average eBay sale price? When Plastic mannequins were invented, What sort of mannequins sell clothing the best? It's a bit odd, but I like it because then I learn lots.
That all started because I bought one. And if I hadn't bought one, I wouldn't have started to explore all there is to know about them.


So today I went to 25 opshops.
I bought the cooooolest pair of shoes ever I just have to show you!

They're Italian 70's platformy shoes that are craaazy cool!!
Theres a little bit of damage on the yellow bit (boo) but they'll still do the trick with some outfit one day.

And this is actually for sale in my shop at the moment but I just got way too much joy out of him that I had to share

So I've never seen a Rocky movie, (don't judge, I just haven't got around to it! I'm put through UFC weekly and that's enough for me (I do kind of like it though but don't tell the bf or I can't guilt him into flick chicks)

Anyway, I bought this rocky boxing puppet and he's SOOOO COOL!!! Omg there's not really much else to say! He was attached to my hand for a very long time and it didn't get old! There were some really bad sound effects yes.

Ok that can be all for today! I'm in a bit of a funny rambly mood hmm.

Ooh I haven't had dinner!!! It's 9pm!

Off I go!

Oh no wait!! Has anyone tried those mini creme eggs? I've turned my nose up to them for yeaars, as I've always been loyal to those big massive sweet gooey mmm ones.
But then the other day at my cousins house I had one (10) and I haven't gone back!!
They're dreamy! You can suck them until they collapse in your mouth and all the icingy stuff just is soooo good.

Had to share that as you shouldn't hold back if you too are loyal to the biggies.
I actually thought I'd be ripped off by buying mini ones as there's not much in them, but they still have the white and yellow eggy bit, and they're jsut as good, but just a bit different.

OK very very lastly, if you haven't already joined, I have a facebook group to keep you updated with sales, competitions, market days and general blabber,
you can join Here!!

Ok I'm going now



Miss Claire said...

Hi Trish, was nice to meet you too! We've busked at camberwell market a couple of times, and it's very possible that we'll be there again this weekend. Will definitely drop by your stall, sounds like you've got lots of goodies! Claire x

Susan L (lily40au) said...

amazing shoes ... but the first time around i always felt dizzy at the thought of wearing them and never did. can't go back either. but i love the whole obsession idea. that's so me ... obsessed with craft, with paint, with whatever. we humans are strange animals

piglet said...

Love the dress!
And those super bright shoes are so fun!

trishhunterfinds said...

Claire - Yayyy sounds good! :):)

Susan - Gosh aren't they!! hahaha yeh I always wear flat shoes, so when I'm heading out it always takes a little getting used to again haha.
Obcessions are the best! As long as they aren't about negative or creapy things, like.... people, or drugs haha. Harmless things like spots and craft are perfectly natural!

Piglet - weee thankyouu its my favorite of all the spottys :):)

Studded Rose Vintage said...

ahhh me too. I went op shopping yesterday came home and going through my bags and found 5 spotty dresses. I didnt even realise till i got home! Ash x


Sarah said...

Hi Trish,
Eeep I didn't make it down last Sunday... I kept hitting snooze over and over again and when I finally woke up it was half past 11 :/

Thanks again for the email though and for thinking of me! If you do another camby stall in the future I will try me darn hardest to drag my sorry arse out of bed. Am bummed that I missed out on trawling through your clothes and meeting you!

sad said...

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