Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sneaky peek!

Update: I'll be having an earlier stall on the 11th of April as well as on the 4th of May! :)

'A little sneaky peek to get the party goingggg.'
Well that's the line I always used to say when Rizzo brought out the wine at the slumber party in Grease.
Quite wrong, It's "a little Sneaky Pete" but it came to my head when I titled this blog.

Anyhoo, I've just been tagging my new stock for the next Camberwell Market stall I'm having.

I know I'm definitely having one on May 4th, but there may also be another earlier surprise. I'll find that out tomorrow night and let you know!

Anyway here's a 'Sneaky Pete' of some of the boots and shoes that will be available!

They're all leather, all Vintage, and there's some darn cool ones! Yay!

In other shoe news, I always get the Australian Collectables Trader magazine, and this edition included a feature on Beth Levine.
She created some of the most crazy shoes of the 20th Century!
This amazing lady introduced the Stiletto in 1951, a year before Cristian Dior and called it 'The String Bean Heal'
Some of the shoes in this article are incredible! I had to share!

This 'Race car shoe' was created in 1965 - PWOAH!

And here is the 'Paper Twist' made in 1966.

I'm in complete shoe heaven here!

Thats not the only reason I've been in heaven.
Look what I found today!!!!!!

I'm off to make myself sick :)


Lanelle Elizabeth said...

I want those tan leather lace up knee high boots. OH MY GOSH. But I live in NSW :(

harbourmaster said...

OOH THE BOOTS! Are any of the high ones in the realm of size 38? If so I will definitely be making the effort to wake up early and pay you a visit!

Hhahhaah those racecar shoes RULE.

trishhunterfinds said...

Hiii :)
Those boots are size 8.5, they're fabulous!!! I live in my black ones during winter (To the point they've had to have their soles repaired twice) If they're your size, I'm able to post them to you of course! Just shoot me an email!

Claire, They are alll different sizes. Is size 38 size 8? I'm terrible with sizes. Um but yeh, theres all kinds and sizes, and thats just a Glimpse. Theres also 20 zillion handbags too! :)
It'd be lovely to see you!

emma said...

i'll be definitely checking your stall out. i have nothing in the way of leather shoes, apart from a pair of heels.

Sarah said...

I'm so there!

Love_Again said...

hey are there any size 9.5 or 10 boots in that fantastic lot?

a. Zulkifly said...

OMG!!!!! i want them aaaaaall..... *me cringing and awing at the same time*

Lanelle Elizabeth said...

oh my god, i'm a size 6 in shoes and boots :( *cries*
thanks for letting me know the prices though :) you're a dear!

Lanelle Elizabeth said...

36 - about a 6
37 - about a 7
38 - about an 8

trishhunterfinds said...

Well!! I bought some yesterday that I thought were ladies shoes but turned out to be guys shoes, so really they're just unisex. So they'd be 9.5 - 10 no doubt!
And Lanelle, I have lotsss of 6's.
You have to come down to visit some time :)

trishhunterfinds said...

Heyy! Update, I'll be having an earlier stall as well as the 4th of May!
You can see me and my boots on the 11th of April :) Yayyy

le pearl said...

Why oh why am I in the GOD DAMN WRONG STATE?!?!?!


I cannot wait til I go to Melbourne again. I will definately hit up your stall. ps: I am now a follower x

Lanelle Elizabeth said...

I'd love to visit Melbourne someday. But you'd love my part of NSW, we have the most amazing op shops in this area (Hunter Region). And they're the little old lady kind :)


sad said...

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