Friday, March 19, 2010

A new collection!

Hii :)
Collecting 'Retro' is something I've been doing for years now.
It's bright, happy, and colourful and I love coming home to such a playful retro house.
But there comes a time with any collection where you have to decide where it will end.
And then I realised I don't even have a collection.
Most things go straight to the shop, or packed away for when I have a real shop.
This made me think I had to find one thing that I can collect for myself.
I rarely buy anything for myself, so I did need something specific that I can allow myself to buy when I stumble across one, without feeling guilty. Something I can get excited about purchasing for me, and not have to have the talk with myself whether I can put it up for sale or not.
When it does come to buying myself things, I put myself last. I can justify leaving something in a shop if it's just for me, but if it's for my shop, I have no guilt in purchasing it.
I'm one of those people that get by carrying around an overnight bag with a busted zip, one handle's fallen off, and the other well on its way. And even then I still can't buy a new one, because this one is doing the job!
If I can get by using it, (even just) why buy another? And even when its time to purchase another, I can't just buy any old bag, I have to wait and find the right one which could take months, or years!
Anyway enough drivel, I've decided what I want to collect, for myself.

I collect West German vases. Woo!
They are so aesthetically pleasing to me, still affordable, and still able to be found. I didn't realise I had so many! I've been not knowingly collecting them.
Until I put them all together I thought I had to start my collection from almost scratch!
Anyway they make me happy, and I'll keep you posted with new additions to my collection :)

Earlier I mentioned about a broken overnight bag.
My bag was completely gone. haha. One handle was gone, the other was hanging by a thread. But it still held stuff really well! Anyway I was in one of my local opshops the other day and picked up a replacement bag. I think even the gods were trying to tell me its time to let go.

It's a beautiful Leather Gladstone bag with imprinted reptile skin detail. I'm more than happy to dispose of my well loved bag for such a lovely new one.

I bought these off eBay last week.. I love display so I just had to get them!

I think there's about 9 or so of them from about 1953 through to 1957.
They're such great inspiration! They're Display World catalogs absolutely full of window display, merchandise, amazing ads and beautiful clothing.

And I bought this yesterday.

I payed a fair bit for it, as Milkbars are one of my all time favorite things.
Little lurky backstreet ones are my favorite. They give me nostalgic goosebumps everytime I pass one. There's just something about them!
The signage in the front, the smell, everything. So I couldn't pass up this "Australian Soda Fountain & Milk Bar Practice" from 1940.
I can't imagine anything like this being written now days.
The fact that this book has even been written is a perfect example about how times have changed.
Chapters include Making Icecream, The "Artistic" Side of Fountain Service, Preparing for Hot Drink Trade, and Sundaes: Desserts: Parfaits: "Specials"
I love it!

And lastly, a few oddments I have picked up over the past week

How freaky is the doll on the right? Love it!
And that cat painting has something wacky about it too.
The Panda cookie jar will be for sale super soon!

And very very lastly May 2nd is my next Camby stall! :)
Thanks to all who visited last time, and those who tried but succumbed to a sleep in :)
I'm already rebuilding my items and have heaps of clothes, leather bags and shoes waiting for you all!


RetroJetGirl said...

Haha that doll makes me think of Chucky!

trishhunterfinds said...

Hahaah yes me too!!

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

i love the cat painting/print!
i have just started a new collection of those old soft toys with felt faces ...hmm i don't know how else to describe them, but they are fluro, kitsch goodness.

trishhunterfinds said...

I thought it was a screenprint at first, but I actually think its a gouache painting which is kind of cool! I really liked it but no one else seems to so I'm glad you do :)
Oooh I want to see photos of these fluro felt toys!! I'll keep my eye out for them if I can imagaine them!

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

i'll post some pictures of them, once the collection grows a little bigger. One of them is a giant fuzzy banana with a face. so good. i'm sure you'll see them in $1 toy bin in a lot of op-shops. the cat print is fantastic, i can't believe people don't like it. no explaining some people's lack of taste, ey? ;)

emma emma! said...

i totally understand what you mean about bags. i still don't own an overnight bag or anything bigger than a tote. i cram everything into little bags if i ever stay anywhere. i think i need to find something amazing like your big leather bag!!!

sad said...

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