Monday, March 22, 2010

My first Trish Hunter Finds Interview!

I'd like to share my exciting news! I've just been interviewed for a feature article on opshopping, living frugally, and buying second hand.
The article will be published in 6 Melbourne newspapers including the Melbourne Times and the Melbourne Weekly, and will also be available to read online the first week after Easter! (Whenever Easter is.)
I'm so excited. The photographer came to my house today and took photos of myself and my finds. It was pretty strange!
I'm so used to setting up the tripod on a timer, running back to position, then running back again to look at it, and repeating the above steps.
It was so different, and kind of awkward to actually have someone else taking the photos. I'm so comfortable in front of the camera when it's just me and the Canon, but when there's another person watching me pose, I go all funny, so who knows how the pics will turn out.
Anyway, I wanted to give you the heads up so you can keep your eyes out for it :)
Unlike last time when MX interviewed me about the Logies and the article came out the same day, a lot of people missed it, even I nearly did, as I was working! My Mum even had to go through a bin to try and find one hahaha.
So yep, that's my news :):) Eeee
Lets just hope I don't sound like a goof hahaha


Mystery Flight Vintage said...

Congrats Trish!

Sarah said...

How exciting! Congrats! Hope you give us a heads up when it gets printed :)

trishhunterfinds said...

Thanks guys!! I will of course keep you all posted!! :):)

harbourmaster said...

Not goofy, totally awesome! Can't wait to see it!

Charity Shop Charmer said...

Fantastic, Trish! I'm looking forward to some fabulous Easter reading...

Sue said...

About time someone found you! Wow, 6 papers!

Ingrid Kesa said...

On another note, have you ever come across any vintage Wrangler advertising during your thrifting sessions? I've seen this vintage Wranger print that I want so bad...

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