Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gjaklsjfskljf! Eeeeeee!

Gosh what a week I've had!
I got one of the last dream items on my list of dream items.
The GEC WELTRON 2007 model. The ultimate item in the Retro world.
It is often called a Space ship or UFO due to its space age design.
It's just absolutely fabbbulous!
The sound is outstanding! Its fantastic and plastic (My two favorite things) And the wait is now over! I have my very own!

There she is!

My first record choice was "Lets have a party!"

A 60's mix of wacky tunes including show tunes merged in with popular tracks. Its fantastic. I only bought it because of the cover, but seeing as there was a party in my stomach due to the overwhelming excitement of actually owning one of these machines, I thought it was an appropriate LP Choice.

In other news, A New Muse has launched their brand new online magazine that is regularly updated with fantastic fashion blogs, articles, interviews and more! And they've ever so kindly asked me to be a features writer! My first article was released yesterday! It's about another of my favorite things... Kitsch! Here's the link, check it out when you get a chance, and also of course, the rest of the fantastic site!
A New Muse supports local and upcoming labels, artists and more, and is currently taking art, fashion and written submissions! :)
I'm so excited to be a part of this!

Yesterday I had a surprise Camberwell Market stall! A friend had a free space so I jumped at the chance as I still hadn't emptied my car from last time, (laaaaazy) and had already gathered a HEAP of fabulous leather bags/boots etc so it was just PERFECT!

I took a couple of pics this time!...

It was a heap of fun! I saw heaps of friends and faces I haven't seen in SO long!! The weather held tight until packup time, and there was a great atmosphere :)

I also got the opportunity to go for a shop while a friend who I was sharing the stall with so very generously manned it for me!

I picked up a few goodies for myself actually! (Says she who in her previous post said she rarely buys herself things! tsk tsk)

How could I resist?

How just absolutely LOVELY is this 20's/30's Foley teapot? Look at those little pixies/elves dancing around in their little teapot garden.

I actually bought this off the friend I was sharing the stall with! I can't resist a tacky video game! Its called "Torpedo Terror" A wind up one where you flick the switch and shoot the ships! (Terrifying stuff) It'll be in the video game section of my shop soon with all the info on it! Too cool.

I got a couple of reference books including Celluloid Dolls, and Clarice Cliff


I figured since I've been selling so many of my own clothes, I deserve some new frocks for myself... Its hard to come by pretty cotton dresses with good patterns. They're always polyester so I couldn't resist these.


This one is adorable. It has a metal zip down the side, velvet trim to the waist, and comes complete with its original swing tag. So lovely

The pattern on this is fantastic but it really didn't show up in the photos. I'll wear it soon and show you. Its very very bright and flower power!

Well, I've been up since 3:45am this morning and I'm swapping over open eyes just to try and finish this off!


a. Zulkifly said...

EPIC POST! i love the teapot and AAALL THOSE SHOOOOOES!! :D btw, i'm heading down to melb 5-9th april and was wondering if you knew of any great opshopping spots in the city?

harbourmaster said...

Sweeeeeet! Oh how I wish I had the effort factor to get up at some henious hour and come to your market stalls, looks awesome (hello straw bag!). That teapot is too good, how funny are the pixies?! Is that one smoking from a backpack?

Ana Star said...

Oh my Trish, that teapot!! I want it.
Love your mixer too.

Circa62 said...

That GEC WELTRON stereo is a mind-bendingly great find, congratulations!

Bucca said...

OMG where did you buy the GEC WELTRON 2007 model from? I want one so badly now!!!

she will have her way said...

I saw your stall, congrats on all your finds!

trishhunterfinds said...

Yay!! Thanks heaps guys!! I didn't exactly pick it up in on opshop, or on the side of the road (Which I know someone who's done before! YES I KNOW!!!)
I bought it off eBay (So not exactly a 'find' as such, but something I've had on my notifications list for a good year now, but they've always been interstate, or too yellow, or not in working order, or not complete, so finally the right one came up! I bought it for a LOT of money, (Well a lot of money for me) so the Camberwell market stall came in very handy timing wise.
I figure it's a great investment piece if anything, and I can always resell it for that or even more if I ever decide to part with it.
Ohhh why didn't you say hello!!!
Next time you just must!

Poppy Kat said...

I am seriously coveting that mixer. Beautiful.

vettiliveinnorthcote said... your blog! so exciting to see that teapot again - I inherited a matching trio (all that's left of a coffee/tea set)a few years back. Congrats on your Weekly Times articles!

trishhunterfinds said...

Poppy Kat - The Mixers for sallllle :) hahaha don't mean to tempt you but its on my website hahah.

Vetti - Oh you're so lucky! They're just gorgeous! Hold on to them as they're just so lovely to look at! And no doubt they'll increase in price as they're again, ah, so gorgeous. :)

sad said...

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