Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sneaky peek!

Update: I'll be having an earlier stall on the 11th of April as well as on the 4th of May! :)

'A little sneaky peek to get the party goingggg.'
Well that's the line I always used to say when Rizzo brought out the wine at the slumber party in Grease.
Quite wrong, It's "a little Sneaky Pete" but it came to my head when I titled this blog.

Anyhoo, I've just been tagging my new stock for the next Camberwell Market stall I'm having.

I know I'm definitely having one on May 4th, but there may also be another earlier surprise. I'll find that out tomorrow night and let you know!

Anyway here's a 'Sneaky Pete' of some of the boots and shoes that will be available!

They're all leather, all Vintage, and there's some darn cool ones! Yay!

In other shoe news, I always get the Australian Collectables Trader magazine, and this edition included a feature on Beth Levine.
She created some of the most crazy shoes of the 20th Century!
This amazing lady introduced the Stiletto in 1951, a year before Cristian Dior and called it 'The String Bean Heal'
Some of the shoes in this article are incredible! I had to share!

This 'Race car shoe' was created in 1965 - PWOAH!

And here is the 'Paper Twist' made in 1966.

I'm in complete shoe heaven here!

Thats not the only reason I've been in heaven.
Look what I found today!!!!!!

I'm off to make myself sick :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gjaklsjfskljf! Eeeeeee!

Gosh what a week I've had!
I got one of the last dream items on my list of dream items.
The GEC WELTRON 2007 model. The ultimate item in the Retro world.
It is often called a Space ship or UFO due to its space age design.
It's just absolutely fabbbulous!
The sound is outstanding! Its fantastic and plastic (My two favorite things) And the wait is now over! I have my very own!

There she is!

My first record choice was "Lets have a party!"

A 60's mix of wacky tunes including show tunes merged in with popular tracks. Its fantastic. I only bought it because of the cover, but seeing as there was a party in my stomach due to the overwhelming excitement of actually owning one of these machines, I thought it was an appropriate LP Choice.

In other news, A New Muse has launched their brand new online magazine that is regularly updated with fantastic fashion blogs, articles, interviews and more! And they've ever so kindly asked me to be a features writer! My first article was released yesterday! It's about another of my favorite things... Kitsch! Here's the link, check it out when you get a chance, and also of course, the rest of the fantastic site!
A New Muse supports local and upcoming labels, artists and more, and is currently taking art, fashion and written submissions! :)
I'm so excited to be a part of this!

Yesterday I had a surprise Camberwell Market stall! A friend had a free space so I jumped at the chance as I still hadn't emptied my car from last time, (laaaaazy) and had already gathered a HEAP of fabulous leather bags/boots etc so it was just PERFECT!

I took a couple of pics this time!...

It was a heap of fun! I saw heaps of friends and faces I haven't seen in SO long!! The weather held tight until packup time, and there was a great atmosphere :)

I also got the opportunity to go for a shop while a friend who I was sharing the stall with so very generously manned it for me!

I picked up a few goodies for myself actually! (Says she who in her previous post said she rarely buys herself things! tsk tsk)

How could I resist?

How just absolutely LOVELY is this 20's/30's Foley teapot? Look at those little pixies/elves dancing around in their little teapot garden.

I actually bought this off the friend I was sharing the stall with! I can't resist a tacky video game! Its called "Torpedo Terror" A wind up one where you flick the switch and shoot the ships! (Terrifying stuff) It'll be in the video game section of my shop soon with all the info on it! Too cool.

I got a couple of reference books including Celluloid Dolls, and Clarice Cliff


I figured since I've been selling so many of my own clothes, I deserve some new frocks for myself... Its hard to come by pretty cotton dresses with good patterns. They're always polyester so I couldn't resist these.


This one is adorable. It has a metal zip down the side, velvet trim to the waist, and comes complete with its original swing tag. So lovely

The pattern on this is fantastic but it really didn't show up in the photos. I'll wear it soon and show you. Its very very bright and flower power!

Well, I've been up since 3:45am this morning and I'm swapping over open eyes just to try and finish this off!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My first Trish Hunter Finds Interview!

I'd like to share my exciting news! I've just been interviewed for a feature article on opshopping, living frugally, and buying second hand.
The article will be published in 6 Melbourne newspapers including the Melbourne Times and the Melbourne Weekly, and will also be available to read online the first week after Easter! (Whenever Easter is.)
I'm so excited. The photographer came to my house today and took photos of myself and my finds. It was pretty strange!
I'm so used to setting up the tripod on a timer, running back to position, then running back again to look at it, and repeating the above steps.
It was so different, and kind of awkward to actually have someone else taking the photos. I'm so comfortable in front of the camera when it's just me and the Canon, but when there's another person watching me pose, I go all funny, so who knows how the pics will turn out.
Anyway, I wanted to give you the heads up so you can keep your eyes out for it :)
Unlike last time when MX interviewed me about the Logies and the article came out the same day, a lot of people missed it, even I nearly did, as I was working! My Mum even had to go through a bin to try and find one hahaha.
So yep, that's my news :):) Eeee
Lets just hope I don't sound like a goof hahaha

Friday, March 19, 2010

A new collection!

Hii :)
Collecting 'Retro' is something I've been doing for years now.
It's bright, happy, and colourful and I love coming home to such a playful retro house.
But there comes a time with any collection where you have to decide where it will end.
And then I realised I don't even have a collection.
Most things go straight to the shop, or packed away for when I have a real shop.
This made me think I had to find one thing that I can collect for myself.
I rarely buy anything for myself, so I did need something specific that I can allow myself to buy when I stumble across one, without feeling guilty. Something I can get excited about purchasing for me, and not have to have the talk with myself whether I can put it up for sale or not.
When it does come to buying myself things, I put myself last. I can justify leaving something in a shop if it's just for me, but if it's for my shop, I have no guilt in purchasing it.
I'm one of those people that get by carrying around an overnight bag with a busted zip, one handle's fallen off, and the other well on its way. And even then I still can't buy a new one, because this one is doing the job!
If I can get by using it, (even just) why buy another? And even when its time to purchase another, I can't just buy any old bag, I have to wait and find the right one which could take months, or years!
Anyway enough drivel, I've decided what I want to collect, for myself.

I collect West German vases. Woo!
They are so aesthetically pleasing to me, still affordable, and still able to be found. I didn't realise I had so many! I've been not knowingly collecting them.
Until I put them all together I thought I had to start my collection from almost scratch!
Anyway they make me happy, and I'll keep you posted with new additions to my collection :)

Earlier I mentioned about a broken overnight bag.
My bag was completely gone. haha. One handle was gone, the other was hanging by a thread. But it still held stuff really well! Anyway I was in one of my local opshops the other day and picked up a replacement bag. I think even the gods were trying to tell me its time to let go.

It's a beautiful Leather Gladstone bag with imprinted reptile skin detail. I'm more than happy to dispose of my well loved bag for such a lovely new one.

I bought these off eBay last week.. I love display so I just had to get them!

I think there's about 9 or so of them from about 1953 through to 1957.
They're such great inspiration! They're Display World catalogs absolutely full of window display, merchandise, amazing ads and beautiful clothing.

And I bought this yesterday.

I payed a fair bit for it, as Milkbars are one of my all time favorite things.
Little lurky backstreet ones are my favorite. They give me nostalgic goosebumps everytime I pass one. There's just something about them!
The signage in the front, the smell, everything. So I couldn't pass up this "Australian Soda Fountain & Milk Bar Practice" from 1940.
I can't imagine anything like this being written now days.
The fact that this book has even been written is a perfect example about how times have changed.
Chapters include Making Icecream, The "Artistic" Side of Fountain Service, Preparing for Hot Drink Trade, and Sundaes: Desserts: Parfaits: "Specials"
I love it!

And lastly, a few oddments I have picked up over the past week

How freaky is the doll on the right? Love it!
And that cat painting has something wacky about it too.
The Panda cookie jar will be for sale super soon!

And very very lastly May 2nd is my next Camby stall! :)
Thanks to all who visited last time, and those who tried but succumbed to a sleep in :)
I'm already rebuilding my items and have heaps of clothes, leather bags and shoes waiting for you all!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I've become obsessed.
Well I always go through little obsessions.
Some might call them fazes, and that they're a part of growing up and finding yourself etc etc, but I know who I am. I just like stuff, and then I don't anymore, and then I like it again... and when I'm liking it, I really like it and that's where the little obsession part comes into it.
At the moment it's spots.
I had the spot obsession about 5 years ago where everything had to be spotty, but this time it's a lot worse.
It all started with this dress I bought at Camberwell Market last time I was... supposedly selling there haha (Bought about as much as I sold eep!)
Anyway... here's the dress

Ok no I'm going to back track... It didn't start there.
It was brewing for a while but that dress purchase is what made me go 'Oooh obsessive time'
Ok forward track, so I do remember going back to my stall where I left my poor male 'clothing non-lover especially when they're dresses' friend while I went shopping, and said, 'from now on all I want to wear is spots.'
See the freaky obcessiveness come out.
That did quickly change when I left him there again to go shopping and bought a paisley and a floral dress, but the desperate need to go home and throw out all my clothes that weren't spotty away was itching me! Tad extreme.
So a couple of days later I get home and I didn't throw out all non spotty clothes like I stupidly thought, but I decided to do a massive clearout and keep only in my wardrobe dresses that fit properly, don't need a belt to make it fit, aren't too short, and that are spotty or me.
This left me with a MASSIVE clear out pile to take to Camby this Sun the 14th!
There's jumpsuits, Sailor dresses, Mini dresses, Florals, Kaftans, omg just everything that doesn't fit in my categories anymore.
So yeh you can nab a whole lot of stuff if you come by!!
um, And, It turns out I have 12 spotty dresses :) and they make me feel so very me, and very happy.
That was a very long story that I'm sure doesn't make much sense and perhaps makes me appear a little crazy, but that's okay because I am a little crazy, and I quite my enjoy spontaneous changes, extremes and obsessions.

Obsessions are actually how I learn the best.
When I get hooked on something I need to know everything about it! For example my mannequin obsession not long ago that I'm almost over as I got my fix, you could ask me anything about mannequins and I could tell you! Average eBay sale price? When Plastic mannequins were invented, What sort of mannequins sell clothing the best? It's a bit odd, but I like it because then I learn lots.
That all started because I bought one. And if I hadn't bought one, I wouldn't have started to explore all there is to know about them.


So today I went to 25 opshops.
I bought the cooooolest pair of shoes ever I just have to show you!

They're Italian 70's platformy shoes that are craaazy cool!!
Theres a little bit of damage on the yellow bit (boo) but they'll still do the trick with some outfit one day.

And this is actually for sale in my shop at the moment but I just got way too much joy out of him that I had to share

So I've never seen a Rocky movie, (don't judge, I just haven't got around to it! I'm put through UFC weekly and that's enough for me (I do kind of like it though but don't tell the bf or I can't guilt him into flick chicks)

Anyway, I bought this rocky boxing puppet and he's SOOOO COOL!!! Omg there's not really much else to say! He was attached to my hand for a very long time and it didn't get old! There were some really bad sound effects yes.

Ok that can be all for today! I'm in a bit of a funny rambly mood hmm.

Ooh I haven't had dinner!!! It's 9pm!

Off I go!

Oh no wait!! Has anyone tried those mini creme eggs? I've turned my nose up to them for yeaars, as I've always been loyal to those big massive sweet gooey mmm ones.
But then the other day at my cousins house I had one (10) and I haven't gone back!!
They're dreamy! You can suck them until they collapse in your mouth and all the icingy stuff just is soooo good.

Had to share that as you shouldn't hold back if you too are loyal to the biggies.
I actually thought I'd be ripped off by buying mini ones as there's not much in them, but they still have the white and yellow eggy bit, and they're jsut as good, but just a bit different.

OK very very lastly, if you haven't already joined, I have a facebook group to keep you updated with sales, competitions, market days and general blabber,
you can join Here!!

Ok I'm going now


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