Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Ball Chair by Aarnio Eero

It's been one of those items that was only seen in my dreams and in movies.
The ball chair, originally designed by Aarnio Eero in 1963.
It is considered a classic of industrial design, and definitely that key retro item any retro enthusiast NEEDS, and I definitely mean NEEDS in their home.
You've probably seen it in heaps of period science-fiction films and tv shows including The Prisoner, Mars Attacks, Men in Black, Dazed and Confused etc etc.
I've been bidding on the reproductions of this fabulous, amazing, crazy cool chair for almost half a year on eBay but always missing out. Which was fine, as I'm not exactly in the financial situation to pay $700 minimum on a chair.
Perhaps if I had nothing to sit on I'd consider it, but in my living space alone I have 5 separate chairs/couches/lounges, so there wasn't any way to justify it.
So continuing my eBay trawling, I waited it out until the day came where a second hand one came up!! The last time I saw a second hand one was about 3 years ago in Sydney that I had a crack at, but courier costs meant I couldn't go very high and naturally missed out.
This one however was in Melbourne. I was beside myself with nervous excitement.
This chair would be mine!

AND IT IS!! I was the successful bidder, and finally, the ball chair is mine!

I couldn't wait to get it home, but I had to.
A whole days worth of moving the house around to try to find room for it was called for.
And then when I saw it, it was significantly bigger than I had imagined.
Especially considering it spins 360 degrees so space is needed all around it.
My bf who handily owns a van (Which gives me the opportunities to purchase rather large items that wouldn't normally fit in my little blue car.... Not the best thing to take advantage of considering the size of my tiny little unit) helped me figure out the best place for it, and there it stays!!
Check it out.

(Click to see a bigger view)

It's freaky sitting inside. Because of the fiberglass outer, and the spherical shape, it blocks out noise from the outside and your own voice sounds like your ears need to pop, but it's not a bad feeling. It definitely provides exactly what Aarnio set out to achieve in his original design brief - to create a “room within a room”

I'm in love.

The other thing I bought for myself was yesterday and omgosh they're TOO CUTE!!!

Little vintage glass animals including a little bambi deer, a giraffe, poodle, strange bears, and a meow cat! The lady in the opshop knocked them over twice with clothing I was buying and oh my heart raced for their poor fragile glass legs, but they were okay! fewf!

I'm currently organising another load of items to list in my store!
They'll be up by Sunday night the very latest!
Some items include: Poole pottery, Atari console & games, Pepsi ice bucket, McLaren S&P Shakers, Bambi Cookie Jars, Robert Indiana original screen print, Per Lutkin Holmegaard art glass vase, Suzie Cooper tea cups and saucers, 60's vase, ET Memorabilia, Gremlins Memorabilia, Rosti style lime green mixing bowls, Ellis Hedgehog moneybox, Girls & Gags gents mags, and more!!
Oh and I just picked up some early Playboy Mags with their Varga girls still attached, so they'll be up in the next next load!


Lastly!! Don't forget I'm having a stall at Camberwell on the 28th of Feb! Everything's Vintage and pretty much everything's resellable if you're into your eBay or have a shop, but it just basically means its all pretty good stuff.
All $10 - $20 so woo!

K I'm done to go hang out in my chair and watch the 7pm project!

Oh no I have to cook dinner too. Aargh better get started.


Susan L (lily40au) said...

the chair looks amazing. I can tell you're really going to enjoy it. PS it looks great the way you've organised the room too.

trishhunterfinds said...

Thanks Susan! :)
Oh my gosh I'm having way to much fun with it!!
I still can't believe I own it

she will have her way said...

Wow! congrats on the chair, its freaking awesome!

Circa62 said...

OMG! All I can say is ...Groovy chair baby, yeah!

Lecon de vetement said...

You should be called lucky Trish finds!!

juznie said...

Holy hell, that is one fine chair! That photo is killing me :)

trishhunterfinds said...

Yay thanks so much guys!! I must admit I haven't sat in it very much. My TV is only tiny (like actually tiny not like 'only a 32inch not a 42 inch') so its even more tiny when I'm that far away in my ball chair.
I would love a flat screen that I can put in there so I can actually hang out a bit more in the ball.

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