Friday, February 5, 2010

32 New items up, Cambwerwell markets, and Doppelgänger week!

Hii :)

Super quick update post!

First of all, I have an OUTFIT to show you! Hooray! I've been pretty slack with outfit posts of late.
But here's one... We had a retro theme to attend on Thursday night, (Right up my alley woo!) This is what I wore

Agent 99 from Get Smart is the only person I can remember being told I resemble, and therefore became my facebook Doppelgänger haha.
Then after wearing this outfit, everyone seemed to be saying I look like her. I don't see it. Just perhaps the hair! :)
I'm loving Doppelgänger week!
So many people look like So many people! my gosh!

So, I have to mention I just put up 32 items into my shop! YAY!! I'm so proud!
There's some reallllly cool bits at there at the moment including, Bitossi, Mushroom lamps, Gunda, West German, Kitsch Prints, 80's Games, Risque Calendars, Beswick, POLAROID Camera, LP Records, Ellis Pottery, 50's hand painted Wall Chargers, the list goes on!

Check it out Here.

In other news, I'm having another Camberwell Market Stall on Sunday the 28th of February (Last day of the Month)
I'll be in the same place as last time in the undercover walkway down the middle.

The quality and quantity of clothing will be definitely worth coming for, everything will be hung as there's some cool stuff!
All clothing will be between $10 and $20! and there's HEAPS OF IT!!!
I have 2 and a half of those giant huge massive checkered zip up storage bags FULL to the point they're barely unliftable of good Vintage clothes!!
Massive clear out going on here my GOSH!

Lastly A big thanks to the people who've emailed their love with the Anniversary of Black Saturday coming up. They've been just lovely and so thoughtful! :)
I am a bit nervous about it, I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but I decided not to go back as I'm still not comfortable doing so. Instead I plan on having a happy day, as there's been enough tears. I want to remember the good bits, and the good times! So I'm treating myself to Markets, a nice quiet lunch, possibly a movie! (I haven't been to the cinema in... years!) and of course takeaway dinner! No cooking :)

And that's all the updatey news for now!!


Happy weekend!


Charity Shop Charmer said...

Just a little note to say doing whatever is best for you about Saturday is a great idea. Hope you have a day of reflection, peace and goodness. And you DO look very Agent 99 and fabulously mod in your doppelganger pic! Now all you need is James Bond, an E type Jag and a fabulous bachelorette flat in Soho....

trishhunterfinds said...

Heya! Thanks heaps!
It took me ages to realise I don't have to be sad on a sad day which sounds so silly now.
Hahaha, Doppelganger week is so funny! I'm loving seeing everyone's doppelgangers! Oooh I'll gladly accept that Jag and bachelorette pad!!

she will have her way said...

Your outfit is too cute, you really look the part! I hope tomorrow goes well for you, and all those affected by the fires :-0

Hammie said...

This just makes me sick with jealousy and longing to be in Melbourne.

sad said...

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