Friday, January 1, 2010

To Market to Market - Camberwell market tomorrow!

Okey doke!
My poor car is completely FULL!
I literally had to put all my weight on the boot to shut it.
I'm all ready and set to GO to Camberwell market tomorrow morning.

Very excited.

I'll be selling mostly 80's and 90's clothes that I've had stashed in my giant stripey bags for so long.
I have no idea what's even in there anymore.

All clothing will be $5 or $10!

Even though when I go to markets, I don't even bother rummaging through piles of clothing, I have way way way too many clothes to hang, so the $5 rummage pile will be a massive rummage pile. I can't help it!
It's a huge massive mound so get in early as there's some goodies!
(The $10 rack will be hung, just so you can differentiate between the two :) )

There's Blouses, dresses, cardi's, jumpers, leathers, skirts, everrrything.
It'll be completely rummageable because pretty much everything there will be vintage, so it'll be worth it! I promise :)

Ebay sellers!! Its a good time to stock up. Most stuffs cheaper than opshops these days, so buy up :)
I really do just have to get rid of it all!
AND... come after 11.00... and all clothing will be $1
Any clothing I don't sell will be going to the opshop afterwards.
So yeh... I really don't want to take anything home :)

I'll also be selling about 8 pairs of Genuine Vintage Raybans for $40-$60, Boxed Polaroid Camera's, Shoes, Winklepickers, Docs, Random bits and pieces, my badges and totes too!... and I'll be giving away my magnets of course :)

My fab bright green retro bike will be there for sale too! My Mum however will not be haha.

Even if you just come to say hi... oh and keep me awake from waking at some crazy hour, or take my mind off the hopefully not sizzling heat or heavy rain! That'd be lovely. :)

You can find me here ....

See you there and thennnn :)



BecClough said...

Hey hun! Am planning on coming to the market tomorrow so hopefully I will see you there! How much are you selling your bike for? x
PS. I got your magnet and it is proudly placed on my fridge. Thank you muchly!

trishhunterfinds said...

Hey Bec! Yay it'll be good to see you!
Glad you like the magnet :)
The bike will be $80. It'll be sad to see it go, but I'm afraid one girl has no need for 5 bikes :(

BecClough said...

5 bikes is a lot! Ive been looking at getting a bike for awhile so hopefully I will be able to get there in time to take it off your hands. I'm definitely in to green at the moment too!! See ya tomorrow!

Mecino said...

I didnt realise the market will be on tomorrow - I thought there was no market for a few weeks in the new year! I will be coming to the market for sure now that I know that it is on - I will pop in and say hi :)

Jen said...

Aw I wish I was over there, not in boring old Perth :) Have loads of fun!

nollyposh said...

Oh damnit! i got here tOO late! Bugger! What didya bike go for? (Was like the one i had as a child... Coulda even been mine... Mine was grEEn tOO!) Hope it all went well for you X:-)

sad said...

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