Monday, January 11, 2010

Mannequin me, Mannequin you.

I've had the Mulligrubs song in my head for over a week now replacing the word Mulligrubs with Mannequin. It's terrible!
My addiction to mannequins is getting out of hand, but I'm LOVING it! haha

Here are my latest two editions! Oh I adore them. I come home and smile at them as if they're real people! How could you not? They're just so beautiful!

This is my 1960's/70's beauty. Her makeups gorgeous! After my daily mannequin searches and research, I've never actually come across a vintage plastic one.
I went to buy a mannequin from a new mannequin shop, and they mentioned they've just 'invented' plastic ones as they're light weight and indesctructable. So finding a vintage one is really weird! Her arms, legs, head and waist are all strung together on the inside, and are joined to the rest of the body by balls (similar to a barbie dolls joints) so she's completely movable! Really like a giant doll!
I do have her arms and hands, but my newly found mannequin restorer has to rescrew her joints as they're a little dodgy.

This is my new 1940's/50's girl. She's been a bit mistreated. She's missing a finger, and someone has sprayed her silver :(
So mannequin man's going to restore her, and give her a makeover to make her look how she originally did, pale skin, dark hair, red lips. Beautiful.
I can't wait. :)

And lastly.. not a mannequin but something I've been on the hunt for... though not my ideal ideal one, it's pretty darn cool!
An Original (You see the newbies everywhere) Fiber optic lamp on a spherical base that changes colour and turns! SO lovely to look at. Really relaxing actually! I've been caught just staring. haha.

I just uploaded another 20 items into the store! :) Check them out when you get a tick!

Happy Tuesday! Neighbours is back on! Bye bye silly season!


harbourmaster said...

They are both adorable! I love the makeup on the first one (and hasn't she got perky boobs?), and so glad you're getting the second one restored. I think when I get a job I'm going start a mannequin hunt.

Love_Again said...

the first one creeps me out a little. i think the second one will be fantastic once restored.

Megan Aney said...

these are great! ahaha a little random. but great!

trishhunterfinds said...

Claire - THE BOOBS THE BOOBS!! I know! That's what everyone says haha Hopefully when she's some clothing on her she'll be a little less.... booby haha. I'm beyond excited to see the 50's one when she's finished! She'll look beautiful!

Love again - Haha all mannequins are pretty creepy! I just find most look like 80's hookers, so I find this one refreshing haha.

Megan - Haha random, my whole house is random I'm afraid. But I love it none the less! :) Its just such an awesome feeling when you've been hunting something for SO long and you finally find the perfect thing!! Besttttt

Circa62 said...

A vintage plastic mannequin that's also a life size ball joint doll, what a fantasic find! I hope you post some full pics once she is restored :)

Hammie said...

JEEBUS! I am never having a sleep over at your place. I bet those dolls come a knocking on your door as soon as it gets dark.......

And yeah! the boobs. Makes me think wonder how the american ideal for fake boobery started. Did they all buy clothes in shops with this particular model?


sad said...

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