Thursday, January 21, 2010

A bit of a scratch

Hi hi!
Just a quick post to show you some bits and bobs :)

I went opshopping the other day and saw this odd black blob of a vase.
I picked it up and it was glass!
I turned it around in my hand and saw a scratch revealing a lone white line and a glimpse of green!! I scratched a little further and saw it was a pretty retro art glass vase underneath this paint. So I bought it as a project.
I rubbed at it with metho and out came this beautiful green and white smokey art glass vase! Yay!

This is half way through the cleaning

And the final product! Big difference!

Vintage Bradley style stockinette dolls. The big ones at the back turn and play music, but the front little angels are just cute.

Speaking of cute..

This little hanging plastic ballerina doll. May possibly come across as creepy but I love her! She's hanging from my Tv arial.

I got this Macaulay Culkin screaming doll for $1 at market on the weekend. AHHHHH!

I've never filled a diary, or a piggy bank, but I can say I've filled something!
My gumball machine is now filled with badges from the 60's to the 80's! I love it!

I'm loving my little wooden shelf at the moment. I've just rearranged my West German Vase collection which makes me pretty happy. They're so colourful!

And just below are my kitsch little figures that I've been slowly adding to. You'll probably notice some newys.

I also got this Mimi spirit looking retro girl Signed and dated 1966

Lastly is this boxed Vintage Slinky Seal pull along toy!
Before the Slinky dog from Toystory, there was Slinky Seal! The name's James apparently!

Oooh I took my mannequins to the Mannequin man to get restored.
So in around 6 weeks I'll have some beautiful girls in my house.
The mannequin man fell in love with the silver one! When I asked if she was 40's or 50's he suspects even earlier! It was nice to have a chat to another Mannequin enthusiast. I do realise my coming obsession with them is a little odd, so I felt right at home, surrounded by hundreds of life size nude figures. haha. It was fun.
Vintage mannequins are his favorite of them all, and he's looking into making remakes of the vintage beauties, which I think is a brilliant idea.

Also, on Saturday I'm heading out to Fryerstown annual antique fair! It's the biggest in Australia I think!
Has anyone been or are going this year?
It's quite a drive out, but it should be a great day!

Until next blog...

Trish :)


Stéphanie said...

I adore everything !

suzie wuzie said...

that Macaulay Culkin doll is soo cute!

harbourmaster said...

Hey Trish! I sent you an email the other day, I'm so sorry it didn't arrive :( I did put a return address so hopefully it shows up! It was a 70's dress that I thought would suit you (or if not could go in the shop), sorry again, I'm so unimpressed with the postal service!

sad said...

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