Monday, January 25, 2010

Fabulous Fryerstown

Hi :)
Last week the Fryerstown Annual Antique fair was held down Bendigo way. It's the biggest antique / collectables fair in Australia!
It was so exciting. A group of us drove down, and gosh it was fantastic!
It's out in the middle of a desert like dusty Paddock, (Check out the colour of my feet! Thongs were a bad choice.)

There's hundreds of shop like stalls that set up their amazing wares for up to 5 days.
There's everything from Antique dolls, to Retro Canisters. It's not exactly the place to find a bargain, as the traders know their stuff and their prices. But as a collector, you are almost guaranteed to see numerous items that fit your collection whatever it be, and are happy to pay for.
It was just great to see so many quality goods in one place!
It's also a great learning place too if you want to actually pick up something you've only seen a picture of in a book and feel what it's actually like, it's weight, size etc.
Your body wanted to split in every direction and you had no idea where to start looking!
You couldn't allow yourself to spend your money at the start in fear you'd find something good at the end and couldn't afford it! So you actually couldn't go overboard in spending!
I did pick up a few things. It was impossible to leave without something!

I bought 3 fabulous hats! The last one makes my coke container look like a Coke Slurpee haha.

And also the lampshade to the right!

That night as exhausted as I was, I went and saw my favorite band Camera Obscura with two of my Cousins.
They were great! The first band 'Slow Club' were AMAZING live! I had never heard of them before. But it's the only 'Special Guests' band I've ever seen that got as much attention as the main act! The crowd became massive, and when they had to play an unplugged accoustic, the full venue was silent to try and hear.
Everyone was laughing with them, clapping, dancing, they were so funny, cute and brilliant live!! I had to buy their album, and though it wasn't as good as they were live (rare hey!) it's still pretty good!! Check out their youtubes because they're definitely worth a watch.

I picked up some other goodies during the week too...

You saw it earlier as my new hat stand haha, it's a Coca-Cola Straw Dispenser! I thought it was awesome. No idea what I'll do with it yet, but it works perfectly for hat display so far!

Oh my gosh my FAVORITE little cutie pixie/elf! I just want to squeeze his little porcelain cheeks!

2 Pair of Cat Eye glasses with lovely frames! Both in their original cases with the previous owners name and address all attached to the inside.

1974 Glamour Girl Nudie Calendar for Mayfair Magazine. Pretty cool! I also got two from 1980, but this one was the best!

On the nudie note, I also picked up this fab dish!

An original vintage 'I'm with Stupid' Badge. This is my favorite of all my Badges.

I've been searching for one of these style jackets for well over a year, and I just happened to find two, in completely different places, in the period of a week. The other's the same but brown! I can't wait for winter!

And lastly, my favorite piece... A Robert Indiana screen print of his most well known Pop Art Pieces 'Love' signed with a facsimile signature (Which means it's still original, but produced after 1980.)
I love it!! It suits my house so so much!! And makes me happy to look at it!

I hope you all have a great long weekend and a fabulous Australia Day!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

A bit of a scratch

Hi hi!
Just a quick post to show you some bits and bobs :)

I went opshopping the other day and saw this odd black blob of a vase.
I picked it up and it was glass!
I turned it around in my hand and saw a scratch revealing a lone white line and a glimpse of green!! I scratched a little further and saw it was a pretty retro art glass vase underneath this paint. So I bought it as a project.
I rubbed at it with metho and out came this beautiful green and white smokey art glass vase! Yay!

This is half way through the cleaning

And the final product! Big difference!

Vintage Bradley style stockinette dolls. The big ones at the back turn and play music, but the front little angels are just cute.

Speaking of cute..

This little hanging plastic ballerina doll. May possibly come across as creepy but I love her! She's hanging from my Tv arial.

I got this Macaulay Culkin screaming doll for $1 at market on the weekend. AHHHHH!

I've never filled a diary, or a piggy bank, but I can say I've filled something!
My gumball machine is now filled with badges from the 60's to the 80's! I love it!

I'm loving my little wooden shelf at the moment. I've just rearranged my West German Vase collection which makes me pretty happy. They're so colourful!

And just below are my kitsch little figures that I've been slowly adding to. You'll probably notice some newys.

I also got this Mimi spirit looking retro girl Signed and dated 1966

Lastly is this boxed Vintage Slinky Seal pull along toy!
Before the Slinky dog from Toystory, there was Slinky Seal! The name's James apparently!

Oooh I took my mannequins to the Mannequin man to get restored.
So in around 6 weeks I'll have some beautiful girls in my house.
The mannequin man fell in love with the silver one! When I asked if she was 40's or 50's he suspects even earlier! It was nice to have a chat to another Mannequin enthusiast. I do realise my coming obsession with them is a little odd, so I felt right at home, surrounded by hundreds of life size nude figures. haha. It was fun.
Vintage mannequins are his favorite of them all, and he's looking into making remakes of the vintage beauties, which I think is a brilliant idea.

Also, on Saturday I'm heading out to Fryerstown annual antique fair! It's the biggest in Australia I think!
Has anyone been or are going this year?
It's quite a drive out, but it should be a great day!

Until next blog...

Trish :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mannequin me, Mannequin you.

I've had the Mulligrubs song in my head for over a week now replacing the word Mulligrubs with Mannequin. It's terrible!
My addiction to mannequins is getting out of hand, but I'm LOVING it! haha

Here are my latest two editions! Oh I adore them. I come home and smile at them as if they're real people! How could you not? They're just so beautiful!

This is my 1960's/70's beauty. Her makeups gorgeous! After my daily mannequin searches and research, I've never actually come across a vintage plastic one.
I went to buy a mannequin from a new mannequin shop, and they mentioned they've just 'invented' plastic ones as they're light weight and indesctructable. So finding a vintage one is really weird! Her arms, legs, head and waist are all strung together on the inside, and are joined to the rest of the body by balls (similar to a barbie dolls joints) so she's completely movable! Really like a giant doll!
I do have her arms and hands, but my newly found mannequin restorer has to rescrew her joints as they're a little dodgy.

This is my new 1940's/50's girl. She's been a bit mistreated. She's missing a finger, and someone has sprayed her silver :(
So mannequin man's going to restore her, and give her a makeover to make her look how she originally did, pale skin, dark hair, red lips. Beautiful.
I can't wait. :)

And lastly.. not a mannequin but something I've been on the hunt for... though not my ideal ideal one, it's pretty darn cool!
An Original (You see the newbies everywhere) Fiber optic lamp on a spherical base that changes colour and turns! SO lovely to look at. Really relaxing actually! I've been caught just staring. haha.

I just uploaded another 20 items into the store! :) Check them out when you get a tick!

Happy Tuesday! Neighbours is back on! Bye bye silly season!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Market day!

Hii :)

Camberwell market was such fun! It was nice to see so many faces I knew, and meet some nice bloggers. Thanks for coming and saying hi :)
I was completely raided and sold almost everything which was fantastic!
So much more room at home........ to refill no doubt.

I plan on doing another one in a few months so if you missed out this time, there'll be another. Not sure what sort of stuff I'll be selling yet, but I'll start sorting it all out now. Eee.

I shared (well 95:5 ratio) the stall with a friend, who has some crazy cool Michael Jackson stuff up on eBay for sale atm, so check it out here if you get a sec.

This was my.. our little stall

I begun the 4am day in a dress, but the promised 25 degree day never came, and everyone froze. People were buying winter woolies from me just to wear around the market! I ended up putting jeans on underneath and spent the day wishing I brought a blanket aha.

I picked up something cute for myself too! Cutie mermaid

Also found this 70's kaleidoscope that I've been completely addicted to ever since

And this completely flower power retro bean bag

Lastly, one of my favorite things. I came home and my bf had this Original Pop Art screen printed fabric wall hanging for me. Isn't it amazing? There's so many fabulous images throughout. I couldn't have asked for a better surprise.

I have a few items going up on eBay tonight... including

Boxed Polaroid camera WITH black and white film

The fabulously 50's/60's Gunda ashtray

Fab original 80's Australian Daybill for the Sex Pistols "The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle"

And lastly, Cartlon Ware collectors this is a ripper!! Beautiful Forest Tree designed 1930s vase in fabulous condition!!

I hope to have them up by 7:30 tonight, you can find them here.

Enjoy the rest of your night
I'm cooking PIZZA! Mmmm

Friday, January 1, 2010

To Market to Market - Camberwell market tomorrow!

Okey doke!
My poor car is completely FULL!
I literally had to put all my weight on the boot to shut it.
I'm all ready and set to GO to Camberwell market tomorrow morning.

Very excited.

I'll be selling mostly 80's and 90's clothes that I've had stashed in my giant stripey bags for so long.
I have no idea what's even in there anymore.

All clothing will be $5 or $10!

Even though when I go to markets, I don't even bother rummaging through piles of clothing, I have way way way too many clothes to hang, so the $5 rummage pile will be a massive rummage pile. I can't help it!
It's a huge massive mound so get in early as there's some goodies!
(The $10 rack will be hung, just so you can differentiate between the two :) )

There's Blouses, dresses, cardi's, jumpers, leathers, skirts, everrrything.
It'll be completely rummageable because pretty much everything there will be vintage, so it'll be worth it! I promise :)

Ebay sellers!! Its a good time to stock up. Most stuffs cheaper than opshops these days, so buy up :)
I really do just have to get rid of it all!
AND... come after 11.00... and all clothing will be $1
Any clothing I don't sell will be going to the opshop afterwards.
So yeh... I really don't want to take anything home :)

I'll also be selling about 8 pairs of Genuine Vintage Raybans for $40-$60, Boxed Polaroid Camera's, Shoes, Winklepickers, Docs, Random bits and pieces, my badges and totes too!... and I'll be giving away my magnets of course :)

My fab bright green retro bike will be there for sale too! My Mum however will not be haha.

Even if you just come to say hi... oh and keep me awake from waking at some crazy hour, or take my mind off the hopefully not sizzling heat or heavy rain! That'd be lovely. :)

You can find me here ....

See you there and thennnn :)


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