Thursday, September 24, 2009

No longer a secret

Hey guys! As you've probably noticed I haven't really been here as regularly as I used to.
I'm so out of the loop with all of your fabulous blogs, but I do have an excuse!

I've been holding onto this secret for WAY too long and I'm about to burst so I have to give it away.
I've been in serious planning mode for Trish Hunter Finds. Yeeee!
You may have read in my 'about me' section, that I intend on opening up my shop in 2011, well, that has fallen back to 2009!.... THIS YEAR! AARGH!
I've been looking at shops, talking to estate agents, writing business plans and planning paint colours!
It's all finally happening!
I have no idea when it will all eventuate, as who knows when the right shop will creep up, but it could be any time, so keep checking back for updates as Trish Hunter Finds will be here before I am probably ever ready haha!

Oh how EXCITING!!!!!!

I hope you will all come and visit once I'm open! I'd love to meet you all :)

I hope you're all well, I've been finding many many TOO MANY things that I will hopefully get around to posting in the near future :)

Until my next update,

Trish - Soon to be SHOP GIRL weeeeeee!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Space or lack of.

Ok, super quick update because I'm running short on time, see the amount of stuff on my entire house's floor seems to be multiplying at an exceptional rate and it won't be long before I'm stuck on my couch and unable to move, and it'll continue to build up around me and swallow me up, and I don't really want that to happen so I best clean my house.
The amount of newspaper that's lining my floor from unwrapping breakable goods, could suggest to anyone new coming into my house that there is some kind of animal living with me, but no. I think my main problem lies in the fact that I basically have too much stuff. Gee how surprising! I have been in denial for a long time.
The main question I'm asked when I meet fellow bloggers, is 'Where do you put all of your stuff?' And the answer is changing, from a confident 'Oh there's always space.' to... '...uh where I unwrap it' because that's currently where everything is at the moment... it's currently being left where it's unwrapped due to no space left! Eep! Time for some more shelves? :)
Time to tidy.

First, here are the things I've picked up over the last while...

Cutest wide eye prints!

West german vase

Strange ceramic wood seperatable dishes

Oink Oink

Little plastic corn plates

Art glass candle sticks that don't resemble the above colour at all.

Rather heavy vinyl retro stool

The most amazing white rabbit fur jacket that fits me hooray!

A blue suede coat with a faux fur collar

Pretty ceramic jug

Shorter & Son Platter

Heavy Murano glass dish

L-R Leather skirt, pants, pants and skirt, all with original price tags of crazy amounts.

Cute icecream bowls for me

This looks like those little retro vases you see everywhere, but it's a big heavy one signed CH to the bottom

Bread bin in need of a good scrubbing

I've wanted something to put in my bathroom for a while now. My bathroom has NOTHING decorative in it, and it bugs me. So I bought this cute little 60's bedside table to store my towels, and put some pretty things on top of. Not sure what yet, but I'm sure it'll fill up soon.

And the Beatles red and blue albums which I have playing as I type, and soon to be tidying sigh.

Have a good week :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Get around round round I get around

Wah wa ooo hello!
Gosh! Thanks so much for all of your lovely congratulations.
It's been great gallivanting all over town and picking up bits and pieces as I go.
Here are a few bits that I picked up before and after work today that I wouldn't have found if it weren't for those pretty green P plates on the back of my car. :)

But first, yesterday, with a hint of Spring in the air (At least for the early part of the day, kudos Melbourne) I felt rather eccentric, so dressed for my mood.
I do love these tights. They're from Velour in St Kilda, there's 20 million different types, I want them all!
I wore this to Auction that night, and one guy said something along the lines of 'I'm glad there isn't much china this week, I wouldn't know if I were bidding that or Trish' Haha I laughed.

Ok here we go...

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this Japanese log. How cute do these little squirrels look sitting on it!

1970's Bradley Mickey Mouse alarm clock


Kitsch Italian teapot and cup

A large ceramic vase

And my favorite, this hand painted 50's Italian vase with a salt glaze. This cost me $1. I nearly died. It's so so pretty.

Got some goodies at Auction too!
I'll post them when I pick them up :)

Until then, have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh what a feeling...

Guess who's gone and got her drivers license!
6 years too late is better than never hey?

This is a pic of me and my little bluebird when I first got him.
This is pretty much how I felt when I got my license but being too busy driving around and all, I haven't taken a recent photo of me all grown up and driving, so thought I'd just show this :)

So I've been out and about, not catching trains, getting from point a to point b in half the time, and getting to opshops I haven't been able to in the past because I'd previously spent that time traveling to work.
I have had my first 'getting lost' drama, I somehow ended up in Dandenong while trying to get home from Frankston. I started to realise this as I drove past large paddocks and industrial areas. I still have no idea how I missed my points. Stupid should be called

Anyway, On my public transportless opshop day on Tuesday, I did pick up some exciting things!

Oh first, this is that dress from Poppet that I bought the other day. I wore it for my test to start the day all bright. It's by far my favorite dress. :)

I picked up...

A Caroma stool that obviously belonged to someone else with a thing for the 70's.. or well just perhaps lived in the 70's, and put two chairs together. Clever people.

Blurry owl container

Cute art glass vase

Mmmm cake

Pretty girls

The most AMAZING fabric. I'm going to wait and find the perfect 50's pattern for this and make the dream dress.

I've not seen a cooler tooled leather bag. Check out the clasp! It's pretty darn cool.

How could this cutie still be left on the shelf. Those eyes!


Funny beanie. It'll match with my teddy bear red jacket.

Wicked glaze on this West German vase!

Speaking of cool glazes, I couldn't knock this back for $1 Fabulous colours.

Heavy heavy art glass ashtray. May place this next to my couch for those rare times I feel like doing exercise. Would make great weights.

I for so long refused to buy a plastic gross feather duster from coles or the $2 shop or wherever, and have been on the hunt for a feather one for a while now. I did finally find a cheapy one at the cheap shop, but all the feathers fall out... so was super happy when I picked this one up. Bye bye spider webs and hopefully spiders.
I semi think I may have bought the opshops personal duster as it was behind the counter. But the man got it out for me and sold it to me no drama. Eep.

And lastly, my favorite item that I made a beeline to. INFLATABLE COAT HANGERS!!!!
and not just inflatable coat hangers, but FLOWER POWER INFLATABLE COAT HANGERS!
and not just flower power inflatable coat hangers, but BRAND NEW VINTAGE FLOWER POWER INFLATABLE COAT HANGERS.
Ok that's enough.
Pretty cool though huh?

I think that's all. I think I might DRIVE down the shops and buy some snacks.... just because I can.

Have a good night everyone :)

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