Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hi hi!
Ooh lots of goodies to show you today!
I didn't think I had much, and then as I started to photograph, I kept finding things that I forgot I picked up, so it turns out it's going to be a pretty big blog! :)
Ok where to start...
I'll post my favorite thing.

This was a gift from the Mr.
I fell in love with her the first day I saw it hanging up at work. It's one of those things that mightn't have any effect on anyone else, but to you it gives you that nostalgic magical feeling.
One of my absolute favorite things are Mermaids.
It always has been since I was really little. Perhaps something to do with the mystery, fantasy and beauty about them makes me feel all funny.
So I was absolutely delighted when it was given to me. I just love her.
She's leaning on my bedside table.

He also picked me up this darling little ceramic owl candle holder who sleeps restfully with his other owl friends.

Oh and some flower power contact too!!

There was a few small retro bits and bobs..

Old match boxes complete with cute matches. Can matches be cute? Hmm.

A new desk organiser. Something I actually needed which was handy!

A trivet and spoon rest

Hehe this is cute. A little crocheted handbag

Very 70's lamp base that I'm sure will be another bulbless lamp in my house. I'm so silly.

Little hand painted brooch

Oddly shaped handle on this ceramic jug which is pretty cool.

I bought this to display my Jewelery. It's a little 1950's cake stand by Staffordshire.
I've kept my eye out for a 3 tier one for ages.
There was one at a Salvos for $50-ish the other day and I left in a grump, but I'm glad because this one was only $7. ZING!

Retro little set of placemats and coasters

I get funny vibes from things. I usually wouldn't like something like this, but I saw it in the opshop near work the other day, I got my funny feeling and just fell in love with it! I have no idea why, but I really like it.

A couple of late 50's early 60's day dresses. They're absolutely gorgeous!! So much work has gone into them! And those beautiful metal zips that make me very happy.

And is there a dress more Trish than this? I don't think so. I bought this from Poppet Vintage on Thursday.
My god she has some beautiful Vintage! And her prices are so reasonable!
You just have to go and snap up a bargain or 5 because zing! Just look at this dress will you? Yee

Ok now for my other favorite item. Complete, and boxed.. with extra's that didn't come in the original set is this... F A B U L O U S.. A M A Z I N G.. G E E W O W.. Space age Barbie furniture set.
As my Cousin has said, anything that deserves spaces between letters must be pretty good, and boy, this is... S O G O O D!
I had to have this, and I definitely payed for it.
It's just way too cool to not own.
It's like a mini Trish house haha.
I've said before that I never was a Barbie girl when I was little. I was a Tomboy building cubby houses and setting booby traps, so this is all new and exciting for me. I can't wait to set it all up at home.

And thats it!!

Time for last nights home made pizza Mmmmmmmm

Monday, August 17, 2009

Disco pants and haircuts, Yeah lots of space in this mall.

Well gosh I've had a busy busy week! Though it was a great busy week.
I Visited Jules at Poppet Vintage for the launch of her handmade dresses which are GORGEOUS, wait I'll try and find a photo

They're my favorites, but there's all different styles, click here to have a drool :)

Also during the week, a rather handsome guy and myself went on one of our regular opshop treks, and didn't do badly at all!
I was also introduced to the movie... I'm not sure if you will have heard of it... The um, Blues Brothers?
Yeah ok, well apparently I was the only person in the world who hadn't seen it, and now, there's no one left because I have officially watched the Blues Brothers. ZING!

Ok yabber yabber this is what I bought!

My favorite find was from my Mum's favorite opshop.
The reason of course being is that everything is so cheap. Not many of those opshops left folks! The pricing makes me laugh.
Aprons $1.20 Skirts .60c etc.
You just know they've sat out the back and had a deep and meaningful chat about each item...
"Doris, what should we charge for this?"
"Oh Barry, I don't know, would they pay .50c?"
"Surely it's worth 50c? Oh look put 60c on it and we'll see how it goes"
"That's a bit steep Barry."
"You're right, .50c"
Big serious conversations about such cheap items.
We always give them extra anyway, you can't not when you get items like I did for so cheap.
The two pieces of German pottery were a whole 50c each. :)

Japanese art glass vase :)

And another vase


Oh pretty owls. I believe they're pencil toppers!

Strange hand blown 70's beer tankard

Oh what a cute china cup with 1920's dancers on the sides.
This will be my new coffee cup! I'm strange with coffee cups.
I only own one because I always have to drink from the same one... and it's not even pretty!
So now, I when people come over, we won't have to take it in turns for coffee. However I'll have the pretty cup haha.

I've always wanted one of these. My boss at work has one and I'm always admiring it. Ideally, my dream item is a glomesh dress. (I'm not even sure if they exist) But for now, this glomesh necklace will do just fine. it's so soft and gorgeous.


I'm a silly duffer. I always need white shoes, but never buy them when I have the opportunity (I have no idea why) And then I get ready to go out, and wish I had a pair of white shoes and remember all those times I turned them down and hate myself a little bit. And then go shopping again, see white shoes, and think.. Oh I don't need them now! I needed them last week, and don't buy them again, and the circle continues. This time I BOUGHT SOME. And they're fabulous. They have that space agey feel to them so will work with a lot of my 60's dresses. :)

The opposite happens with white boots. Ideally I want a pair of genuine white gogo boots, but in the mean time I've been searching for ANY white boots.
You might have seen me wearing this pair

Which are a size too small and the zip only goes half way up my calves, but finding white boots in this style are hard work. I know they're only 90's copies, but they're as close to the gogo boot as I can find, and being rather short, the heal isn't something I'll complain about. So yippee, I now have white boots that fit me!!

I've been on the brown boot hunt for a couple of years. I've designed my dream pair in my head, and am coming to realise they might not exist :( So I decided a brown pair the same as my black lace up pair will be adequate, so nearly died when I found these at market on Sunday (Which I'd like to say I'm quite lucky to be alive to blog, I was pretty close to being blown away!) Unfortunately, I'm still brown bootless. These are a size and a half too big. Sigh.

These are cute. They have little leather lacing at the front. I love Italian shoes. Yes, yes I do.


A Fur stole

This is pretty cool. It's real fur, but I'm fairly sure it's just been dyed. None the less it's a furrly fabulous collar!

And lastly another sheepskin vest with cute leather ties.

Very lastly, I have to post a picture of the most amazing breakfast I've had in a long time. Mums are the best cooks. This meal just had to be photographed. It was a full cook up. Something I haven't had since I worked at Marylands where we served that and more. Mmmm hash browns.

That's all from me :)

Have a good week!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh no, a new collection.

So on your adventures, you find something cute and unusual.
Nothing abnormal about that, it makes you happy, you find a little home for it and you don't think any more about it.
Then, along your travels, you find another one....
But two items is a collection!!
Not another one, not another one.
You thank yourself that this time it's not another big collection like say for example.. retro bikes (guilty as charged) which seems to validate your new collection as being okay.
Now that you've justified it, you can now allow yourself to start spending time looking out for these items, because I mean, you can't let this new collection down can you? (subtle self manipulation)
You may remember in my last post, I picked up a little fish shaped coin purse with the clasp as it's mouth?
Well that was one of my favorite things.
I must have verbally expressed my happiness about it a little too much because a friend gave me one of their purses they had tucked away.
Wait for this...

Isn't this the cutest/most scary coin purse in the world?
The collection has begun. I think it's actually quite a good collection to have because well, they're little, and there's such a variety you can collect so there's always an exciting surprise when you find a new one, and I won't be able to buy tons of them because there aren't tons of them, and I'll force myself to be picky and only buy the vintage novelty ones.

Here are some of the other prezzies I got this week :)

A little 1960's radio that will sit next to my bed

Amazing. I've always wanted something made from cashmere and now I do. This top from Harrods is 100% cashmere, oh it's just BEAUTIFUL! It'll hang at the front of my clothes rack so I can touch it as I walk past. :)

The print I told you about in my last blog that I forgot to pick up (I promise I love her Ray!! It wasn't intentional to leave her behind!)

He also found this kitsch little butterscotchy cookie jar. I really do love my Japan goodies.

Lastly, I have to share this video that he emailed me knowing how much I love the Sound of Music.
This video pretty much made my day.
I clapped when it ended which has to mean it has to be good yes?

That's all from me today!

Off to clean my brothel of a house sigh.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's in the genes!

Once upon a time, my Nan found her addiction to opshops.
It's been passed down to my Mum, Aunty, and now to me.
Still, every time I pick up anything shiny/glittery/sequinny/diamondy, I say in my Nan's Scottish accent 'That would look nice on a boat' Without a doubt she'd say it every time.
When we were kids, every time Nan and Pop would visit us, we'd run out the front excited to see what she had brought us. One time when we asked what she'd brought, she said "Today my dear, I brought myself!" Oh the disappointment. Hahaha.
Every Christmas at Nans house the fireplace would be lined with Christmas stockings with the names of all of the grandchildren on them, and they'd be FULL of opshop goodies she'd picked up through the year. And an orange at the bottom of course.
I'm super lucky to have this gene in our family, because I not only have my eyes looking for bits and pieces, I have my Mum and now my Aunty on the hunt for little prezzies for me. I'm very lucky.
So on Tuesday I went and visited my Aunty Yaya and family. It was a long time over due!
Shortly after I arrive, Aunty Yaya comes out holding a treasure chest and wearing a big smile!!
It truly was a treasure chest, not only in shape but in content!! Oooooh!
We were both so excited to go through it, and one by one, out came such fabulous finds!

I'll show you them in a sec, I'll go back to my previous blog where I said I bought so much I couldn't carry it home.
Here's some more things!

(Be prepared, this blog is going to be HUGE, grab a cookie and hot chocolate and go to the loo before you start haha)

Here's the water colour I told you about.
It's currently the favorite thing I own.
It's painted by an Australian painter Mary Talbot, and was once owned by Violet Dulieu.
Good good pretty painting

This light shade is pretty cool. It's in pieces at the moment, but they were kind enough to leave an example of how it looked back in its day for me.

You know how much I love my tacky prints. Doesn't even deserve to be leaning against my water colour, but I still love it.
I was also given another wide eye print from my friend Ray, but I think I left it at a friends house :(

Ray's another friend that picks me up little goodies on his travels.
He also found this flower power ironing board cover for a childrens ironing board.
I'm going to try and look out for one and use it as a table top board to save me lugging out my big wooden one every time I need to iron something.

Finally... that thing you'd been waiting so long for but never quite found the one you imagined. I've been hanging out for a coffee table for ages now. The week before I bought this one, I bid on one on Ebay and lost. Two days later ZING!! I found another for a lot less than my max eBay bid.

Ok here come a mixture of the bits and pieces my Aunt found me, and some of the things I picked up too.

Best book ever. It's made of like a canvassy fabric, and the pictures are quite scary but so so cool at the same time.

Cute tea towel and 70's hand made felt oven mitt.

There's something about this doll! Not sure what, but there's something. The plastics different than most, and she just looks different. Hmm.

I love my cats! I don't like real cats at all, but ooh the retro ones are one of my favorite collections. Hopefully in our travels we'll find the other half :)

Naaw cute compact mirror.

Hehe how cute is this costume pattern book!

3 glowmesh items. The one on the right was my Nans. :)

Speaking of glowmesh items, how cute is this atomizer? This was given to my Aunt for her 21st. And now it's mine :) Special.

A couple of bits of retro cased glass vases

As weird as it sounds, this coin purse was one of my favorite finds for the week.

Tooled bag

Couple of rad hats!

Vintage Sandler cork wedges

Fabulous lace up rocker witch boots!! Fabulous.

Couple of bow shoes

Macaroni handbag :)

Very Trish style swap cards

Elephant planter pot

Cookie jar and little plastic plates

Space agey cups

Misc bits and pieces including swizzle sticks and a travel kettle coil that boils water... won't be putting THAT in water any time soon.

1960's swimming cap


Another prezzie from a friend :) This fabbbbulous and rather large Sandland Ware Staffordshire mug Yee.

And lastly here's one of my outfits. :)

Fewf!!! ALL DONE!!
I already know about 3 or so things I forgot to photograph (great) But after that effort I think I'll save them for next time... which will hopefully be sooner than it was last time. I've barely even been home! I'll catch up on all of your posts, and reply to your lovely comments in the next couple of days :) But for now.... bed time :)
Mmmm hot water bottle.

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