Monday, June 29, 2009

Hooray! The day has finally come!
After months of hand typed HTML frustration, (Yes hand typed... crazy I know) and numerous unsatisfactory design layouts, I have finally finished the Trish Hunter Finds website....

... Well, that is until I change it again, which I've already done twice since first uploading it, and will more than likely do several more times before the days end when I decide that a sentence that was perfectly fine 10 minutes ago, now needs complete reconstruction.
Or perhaps when the emails come in telling me what links don't work, or what spelling errors I've made, or perhaps (fingers crossed and bitten that it doesn't happen) that it doesn't display properly on a PC. Aargh!
Anyhow, The very beginnings of Trish Hunter Finds has begun! So very exciting!
Have a click around using the links at the top of the page, and let me know what you think!
And if you hate it... lie to me :)


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trish Brady

I've been a busy girl.
Working 6 days a week this week, 6 DAYS!!
I must be crazy.
I have though, still managed time to sneak into the opshops before work.
A big thanks to the ladies who know me and let me in early so I can catch my train.
I've said it so many times, I love my opshop ladies. They're so lovely!
It was one of their birthdays on Friday, and they ran down to work and told me to come down for cake (which I've had before for another birthday and my GOD it's the most amazing cake I have ever eaten)
When we were all in the back room feasting, this caught my eye.


I haven't found something that's made me this happy in a long time.
The design of it is so beautiful. It's definitely going to be on display.

It's a four piece Mewo coffee set, with wood grain handles and tray.
So VERY 70's, I just love it.

It was just about to go out on the shelf, so it was mean to be mine.

Other things I picked up this week include,

Single sheet and pillowcase set still in it's packet.

An old teachers marking stamp.

1976 packaged Oscar the Grouch crocheting kit.

I can never turn down things featuring daisies. They make me so happy.
It was my Nans and my Mum's favorite flower, so I've been brought up in a house full of daisy love, and it's been passed on. The colours in this make me smile :) and after the frame gets a good clean, I think It'll be hung in my bedroom.

Fur collar

Cute Magazine stand

Ee hee hee, this is the best. Novelty jumpers are hilarious.
I rarely wear them, but if it's really good like this one, I can't resist buying it just for the pleasure of owning something so bad it's AWESOME!

This top doesn't photograph very well but it's gorgeous. Little puff sleeves, matching buttons, and it's green. I'll try and wear it soon to show you better because it definitely deserves more credit than this poor photo gives it.

I got two suits. One I didn't photograph because it wouldn't stay on the hanger so I told it "fine I'm not photographing you" (Like it cared)
I'll try again next time, but it's a beautiful wool vest and skirt from the 50's, with the metal zip, and just amazing quality.
The suit above I suspect is 70's, but again it's wool is the finest softest wool I've ever touched, it FITS me! and it's actually really classy despite how intense it presents on the hanger.

I also picked up this poncho which I wore the next day...

...with these gloves.

And lastly, the thing that made my day!
I had a visitor at work. One of my blog readers Gina dropped in for the second time to say hello and she had a present for me!
She'd brought me a little parcel of swap cards!
All the cutey ones that I just adore.
Have a look at her collection. She has over 2000 of them SO JEALOUS!!!

I was beaming for the rest of the day! I'm going to do the same for someone and hopefully it'll make them as happy as that made me.

Gosh count the times I've said positive words in this blog. I should be a Brady.
'happy, amazing, beautiful, love, adore, gorgeous, awesome, lovely.' Hmm..

Oh that wasn't the last thing, I lied.

I won one of the things I had bid on at the Auction house!!
These two big eye / wide eye prints are all mine :)

Ok and very last thing I promise...
I have a Trish Hunter Finds page on Facebook!
It will eventually become the facebook page for my shop, so for updates and such click... HERE to join. :)


Monday, June 22, 2009

A girl with a short skirt, And a reeeeeeeeeed jacket

Hi hi!
Just a quick post today as I'm ready for bed.
My eyes are at half moon stage, which means soon my nose will start to get itchy and when that happens, its really time for bed or I get 'tired hayfever.'
Sounds stupid I know, but it's true! My parents have said it to me for years.
"Patricia's ready for bed her nose has started"
Anyway, completely irrelevant.
Today I went and did a fill in shift at an amazing auction house!
I had a great day.
Lucky it was a once off because it'd be a very dangerous job
I've already placed pre-bids on two lots.
But it'll make for great blog posts, a very happy Trish, and an even more full house.
This is what I wore today.

Yesterday I had an incident where I was caught out wearing all black, with navy tights.
Mum washed mine and replaced my black ones with navy and I had no idea until I was on the train. Oh dear.
There's a difference when you intend to wear navy and black, and when you look like you have no idea that it's a mistake which is how I looked.
However today, I broke all rules.
I wore black and brown together, as well as black and navy.
I don't think it was too tragic though.

I picked up the following as I was wandering around the markets in navy tights.

177 swap cards in various conditions.
Lots of cute ones!

Little boy blue childrens night lamp. I've been TRYING to collect these for about a year now and have only found one. But now I have two!
The collection has begun.

Fabulous suede 70's boots.

I bid on eBay for one of these in much worse condition than this.
I'd never seen anything like it before and thought it was a novel idea.
I jumped on this one when I saw it for a mere $3.
I'm not sure what they're called, but it's some kind of weekly savings account for house hold amenities such as 'bread, milk, rent, rates' etc.
This one is by 'Willow'

I got two of these tote bags for 50c each.

Lastly my favorite item. A perfectly fitting furry red jacket.
Oooh it's so warm and I just adore the colour.
I rarely wear any shade of red, but this shade I just love and want to wear it every day.
You'll see a lot of this coat.

I bought a few other bits of clothing, but I took most of these pics sitting in front of the heater and didn't want to move from it's lovely warmth, so you may see them in outfit posts in the future.

The following is a few things Mum had for me.

Cute boxed recorder. I still remember the tunes I played in primary school.
I was 'so good at recorder' (if that's possible) that I got to play the harmony section of Advance Australia Fair at assembly.
Oh the poor parents/teachers who had to sit through that.

And dolly. Nannas used to sew heaps of these and sell them at craft tables.
The lady at Mum's opshop said to Mum 'Oh you can just have that dear, I really don't think it'll sell.' She still payed the marked $2, and I'm happy with her.
She'll sit amongst all the other cushions on my bed.

I swear there was more, I think I'm missing a bag somewhere.

Anyway, that's all for tonight.

BED :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet, Sugar, Candy legs.

So, as I went to take photos of my latest finds, I realised that most of them would be wasted if photographed on the hanger, so I just had to play dress ups to show you my latest finds. Haha.

So here goes.

Ok, so this is by far my favorite new item for some time.
Possibly one of the favorite things I own.
It's not one of the most flattering items, but pft, I doubt many normal people would look flattered in a skin tight lurex jumpsuit. (Also there's a high chance a girdle might be hiding underneath haha)
So I was sitting on the floor at work, taking up the legs of a pimp suit, when my boss drops this on the floor, about to cut it up to use for detail on a hat. Um NO!
It has been hibernating upstairs with all the unused items.
It's a vintage item that we've been planning to use for the under garment of knights, but no one wants to wear it so it made its way to the unused pile.
"Ok you can have it" were the words that made my day!
Outfit combinations were running through my head at a crazy speed.
But yeah, so anyway.... amazing.
This photo is of me pretending to do disco moves as I imagine it with roller skates and an afro even though it's 80's rather than 70's.
However I feel like I should be doing the robot instead?

Um, so are these the greatest tights in the whole wide world? Or are these the greatest tights in the whole wide world?
I'm sure if you had candied hearts with little messages on your legs, you'd think you had the best tights in the whole wide world too!
They're by Celeste Stein, and I bought them from the only stockist in Victoria, Velour on Barkly street St Kilda.
There are 20 million different prints, in footless, full length, and sock form. I definitely recommend them.

I also picked up these culottes. I've never seen ones like these.
They're made of that fabric that you see so many nanna skirts made out of in every opshop you go into.
They're fully pleated, on an elastic band, and are just crazy!!

I also picked up this plastic piggy bank that has 1 and 2 cent coins still inside.

And lastly this Elvie Hill 1950's dress. (UPDATE 30/12/09: This dress is now available for sale in my online shop. Just click the shop button above for more pics and details)
I didn't know who she was until I googled her and had a great surprise.
From the 'Swish, fashionable Melbourne in the 50's' pdf I downloaded, it says,

"The celebration and consumption of high fashion in 1950s Melbourne encompassed two distinct shopping experiences: the larger department stores like Myer and Georges, and the Lucas showrooms; or the intimate and very exclusive dressmaking boutiques of Hall Ludlow, Le Louvre, Elvie Hill, La Petite, Raoul Couture and Magg. Both types of destination supported the development of Australia’s postwar fashion industry, newly conscious of the pleasures of shopping in an era of economic prosperity access to, and could participate in, an exciting and glamorous world of high-end fashion. Georges, perhaps the most iconic store of the era, excelled in generating fashionable desires. Priding itself on service, quality and style, Georges had established a culture of exclusivity and specialization under the direction of Ms. Reta Findlay."

Ooh la la, that was a find :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

'Going Up the Country'

Today, for the first time, a friend took me back to Marysville to visit home.
I'd been putting it off, trying to ignore all that has happened, but the whole denial thing was wearing thin and it was time to actually believe it.
It wasn't as bad as I had thought it'd be.
I cried more imagining going back than I did going back.
The hardest part was when it came to seeing the area where my darling Lucy was buried, but all in all it was a worthwhile trip, and I'm glad I went.
The towns looking ok, (considering).
I still know exactly where I am, wherever I am.
There are still significant landmarks like the trees, the roads etc.
It still looks like Marysville, and like my friend said, it still feels like home.

I'm not going to post photographs of the destruction around.
Everyone knows and has seen what's happened, so there's no need.
I will show a couple of cool things though.

Ok so this was the tree our family called Marge's head. Or as Dad says 'Madge's head' because he couldn't remember her name and it seemed to stick.
It basically looked like a massive version of Marge from the Simpsons hair, and now looks like some kind of mutant scorpion.
I think it looks pretty cool!

And lastly

One of the few trees left, is the tree that I engraved my 'loves' initials into.
I love DA.
I can't really remember loving him enough to engrave it into a tree, but I must have! Haha. I believe I 'went out' with DA for 3 days in early Primary School.
We didn't even hold hands haha.
I believe about a week after breaking up with DA (according to one of my old diaries that I re-read when I turned 21) I then went out/fell in love with AL!
Oh how easy it is to get over a true love when you're young! Haha.

Later that day, we ventured to Alexandra, home of our high school, our lunchtime chip shop, and a closed opshop (oh the tears nearly came back I swear!!)
We had some lunch, bought a ton of 'cheer up' lollies, visited the book shop... well every shop, and then walked through memory lane back at the high school.
We giggled as we sneaked through the corridors, bitched about fellow ex students / teachers, looked at school photos, and remembered memories that only we'd find hilarious.

It was a good weird day!

Annnd that's my update on that whole situation. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Girl Power!!

I began work in a book shop, then joined the criminal career but it wasn't for me, I then became a musician, went busking in the park, met an unemployed fan, took him home, 'whoohooed' and had a baby boy.
I'm now a single working Mum...
... in the Sims3.
My reason for my lack of blogging lately has been because I've been living in the sims world (because I'm not busy enough in my own apparently!)
I've always been a game nerd.
I own a lot of consoles.
NES, SNES, Gameboy, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, Sega master system, Sega Megadrive, Sega game gear, and of course my computer. I've also had ps 1 & 2, and Xbox.
So yep, bit of a gamer here.
And those who have played any of the Sim games, know how much of an addiction it can become. Theme park is what started me off, I then got addicted to Theme Hospital, and then the Sims was it for me!
It gets to the stage where your real life is affected. Time passes so quickly.
I looked at my blogger account today and I had 100+ blogs to catch up on, and comments to reply to. So on my day off today, I'm playing catch up... in my real life.

I've still managed to get to the opshops before, during and after work, and this is what I've found.

I collect vintage/unusual badges. I can never go past a home made drawing especially when it makes me laugh like this did. 'Punk is cool' haha.

I've swapped over my 80's earring collection with my badges, as I'd stopped buying earrings because they're no longer 20c a pair, but $3 which I can't justify for something that I won't wear.

Now don't judge me, I know this is rather out there, and there's no way I'd have this set of salt and pepper shakers sitting on my imaginary dining room table, but I do love anything novelty, so these will look great amongst my S&P collection!

Another 3 aprons to add to the collection.

A photo cube made in the 70's. I'd love to get a heap of these, put interesting images in them and hang them from the ceiling at all different lengths.

Leather boots.

I'm not sure if I've ever ventured into my Spice Girls passion on here before. I'm not a collector... yet, but I'm a massive fan... still.
They're a regular on my playlist, I've read their biographies, and my ears still prick up when their name is brought up.
Geri is by far my favorite. I wanted to be no one more when I was in year 7- current haha. I can see their items becoming huge in the collectors world in the future.
Their spice girls Impulse has gone up to $90 on eBay in the past, when once it was 10 for $2 at the reject shop after they broke up.
I am a regular eBay watcher of the dolls, and often put in a bid.
So yep, I got a tight pull in the stomach when I saw these two COMPLETE photo albums in the photo album section. 120 photos in each.
I always always wanted to collect them as a kid! Who ever collected these must have spent a fortune and had so many doubles! And now they're mine! I love them.

Novelty ashtray. Not the most happy clown in the world hey?

Hooded, faux fur lined, fitted jacket. One size too small, but pretty to look at! and Toggles!

Short sleeved knit with a bow in the front

Cute late 60's knit tee.

Fabulous jacket. The detailed shape on the front is beautiful. I'm sure there would have been a matching dress at one stage, but I'm happy to wear the jacket alone.

That's all of my finds, a friend came to visit the other day and brought me a belated birthday present! I swear they're the best ones because once you think the birthday's all done, you get a real surprise!

What a great little gift! 'A guide to being a goddess', there's some great things in there! A super cute home made coin purse. It reminds me of an owl. And lastly her favorite scented candle. Oh that made my week!!

And lastly, the amazing things Mum picked me up that I mentioned in my previous post.

She went to a garage sale of a girl who was moving overseas and who had lots of vintage goodies!

A pair of bagged Kewpie dolls. Not sure how long they'll stay bagged for even though the small value it possesses will be less after I do.

Cute gold vintage bag.

1950's cat eye sunglasses

Vintage blue plastic shaped shopping bag!

And lastly, the item that a dealer tried to buy from Mum as she flaunted it in front of him at the garage sale. She already had it under her arm when he walked in and pretty much ran to the pink one that was exactly the same, only to find that the top was melted and repainted. She then proceeded to make sure he saw hers haha which is when he approached her. Suckerrr.
I thought this was a 1950's bakelite bedside lamp, but when I googled it, I found one that was up for auction at an auction house and it was said to be 1930's? So now I have no idea.

And that's the lot!!

I'm feeling a bit fluey today (greaaaaaat) and so have no desire to cook (do I ever?) so have manipulated myself into believing that I deserve to order delivered pizza for dinner because I feel so bad.

Hope you all have a great night :)

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