Friday, December 18, 2009

Yay! Camberwell Market - 3rd January 2010!

It's been a long time coming,
but finally I have a stall at Camberwell booked for the first market of the New Year!
The 3rd of January 2010

Very excited.

I'll be selling mostly 80's and 90's clothes that I've had stashed in my giant stripey bags for so long.
I have no idea what's even in there anymore.

All clothing will be $5 or $10!

Even though when I go to markets, I don't even bother rummaging through piles of clothing, I have way way way too many clothes to hang, so the $5 rummage pile will be a massive rummage pile. I can't help it!
Just look for the messiest stall there haha!
It's a huge massive mound so get in early as there's some goodies!
(The $10 rack will be hung, just so you can differentiate between the two :) )

There's Blouses, dresses, cardi's, jumpers, leathers, skirts, everrrything.
It'll be completely rummageable because pretty much everything there will be vintage, so it'll be worth it! I promise :)

Ebay sellers!! Its a good time to stock up. Most stuffs cheaper than opshops these days, so buy up :) *Sales woman tone again*
I really do just have to get rid of it all!
AND... come after 11.30... and all clothing will be $1
So yeh... I really don't want to take anything home :)

I'll also be selling Genuine Vintage Raybans for $50-$70, other bits and pieces I've picked up along my journeys, kitchen stuff, bits and bobs, my badges and totes too!... and I'll be giving away my magnets of course :)

I'm sure you'll recognise a few things.

I'm going to TRY and squeeze a bike in my car if I can too. We'll see.

Even if you just come to say hi... oh and keep me awake from waking at some crazy hour, or take my mind off the hopefully not sizzling heat or heavy rain! That'd be lovely. :)

You can find me here ....

See you there and thennnn :)

Quickly... how cute are these little 50's figure I picked up to add to my ever growing collection :) I adore them.

And again...
If you haven't already entered the competition to win some awesome things including CARTERS LOVE VINTAGE BOOK!!! Click HERE to check it out! There's just over ONE WEEK TO GO YAY!


StellaForStar said...

I have so much love for Camberwell Market = the place where I buy all of my clothes.

If I see you I'll definately say hi!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

I've added it to my list on things to do in January. Have a great day anyway if I don't manage to get there.

love_again said...

Yay! If in back in Melbourne, I'll see you there. I love a good rummage pile!

sad said...

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