Monday, December 14, 2009

Polly want a Cracker of a find?

Aargh so it's super late and one eye has started to shut... Mmmm bed.
But super quickly, I'd like to share with you my latest finds :)
I'm not sure what I'll keep and sell as yet... I might have to have a play first :)

I love having odd Characters just chilling out around the house.
People can visit my house 20 times and not have seen them, until one day for some reason they notice the life size wooden parrot perched on his little wooden stand keeping a watchful eye on them from up on a shelf. He's definitely a keeper though.

2 West German vases!! The left one's fabulous!

I am off to Coles first thing tomorrow morning to get some batteries for this beauty!!
It has its original song book, and little attachable shelf to rest it on.
It's no Casio, but I'm sure I'll pump out some amazing chopsticky tunes!

I've been unsatisfied with my dinner setting for over two years now.
Every time I take it out I'm a little disappointed that I have to eat off such ugliness.
I've seen a few 'okay' sets to replace it, but they too just weren't good enough and I wanted to wait for the right one. And then I found this!
It's an English set, all hand painted and really 60's!!
Perfect size wheetbix bowls, and just really Trish.
Very pleased.

So even though these are modern, I couldn't say no. I mean they're cupcakes!!
I feel a little bit like I've gone behind my own back buying 'new' things.
And even though I have no reason to, I feel a little guilty for it.
BUT THEY'RE CUPCAKES!! They were only $5 for the set at Oakleigh Market on the weekend. I think I'll put them in the bathroom and use them for hairties, pins etc etc.

This is the best! It's an ashtray made by an Australian maker named 'Gunde' or 'Gunda' who made fabulously styled ceramics in the 50's/60's. How great is this shape!!!

Fab retro canister

Novelty Noritake Betty Boop figural mug! Pretty cool... except she's a bit Rocky Horror or something.

Really ugly coin purse to add to my novelty coin purse collection

How kitsch is this? Wooden bird with a removable feather duster tail! His head moves around in all directions too!

Lastly, is a few more odd 70's Staffordshire mugs.
Because of course my cupboards aren't full enough of odd retro mugs and such haha.
Oh well at least I can throw out my old ugly dinner setting and clear some room to buy more things :):):)

Oh... ok that wasn't lastly...

I got an early Christmas Pressent from the Boy!

My favorite band 'Camera Obscura' released a new Album that I had no idea about until we went JB Christmas shopping. I haven't had a chance to listen to it properly yet but gosh I can't wait. Their songs are amazing. They have a real 60's feel to them and are definitely worth a listen.

(I'd like to make a note that I just spelled the word 'definitely' correctly for the first ever time! I ALWAYS spell it definately for some reason, and can't seem to break the habit except right now!! HOORAY!! Goodbye red underlined word.)

My other eyelid is slowly dropping. Bed time.

Have a good... morning :)

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