Saturday, December 5, 2009

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

Twiggy is now in store!!
She arrived in 'We missed you! Please go and pick up your parcel at the post office' form and I was BUSTING to go and get her, but timing was off so I had to wait a whole day. I survived it! (Unlike Jack from Titanic who is currently hanging onto a door in the ocean Oh dear.) Anyway, She's fabulous! Check her out!

She's so so so cute.
Since buying her I've found an unhealthy obsession with mannequins.
I can't stop looking for them! Seriously, the amount of time I've spent typing things into eBay is ridiculous!
I impulse bid on another one..... and bought it! Eep! So there's another 60's/70's bust coming in the post any day now! My house will be hell creepy if I keep this up.
The big mannequin that I model my clothes on gets put anywhere theres space, and the other day she was leaning against my flyscreen door and what came to mind was Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone when he uses mannequins and blowup dudes to distract the robbers.
My brain went into funny mode for a good few minutes, and quoting Home Alone "I'm going to give you to the count of ten to get your ugly, yellow, no-good kiester off my property"

Anyway completely off subject.

My Twiggy - Her modeling skills are still there! She's doing a great job on my Vintage hats!
There's 18 new goodies in store this week including 11 Dresses and 7 hats!
Just click HERE to check them out! There's some goodies :)

In other news, I got the most lovely surprise in the post the other day!
And I'm such a dill and completely forgot to photograph it, or the Card!
But I did manage to photograph the pretty wrapping and INSIDE of the card haha.
The dress will be in the shop next week hopefully! It is already on the shop rack so forgot to photograph it haha. Such a Dag.

ANYWAY!! Jess from A New Muse was SO lovely!! She bought a dress that was too big for her and thought I may like it as a donation to help get my shop started!! I was floored at the generosity! And she did it so cutely! It was all wrapped up with a cute little sticker to seal, and she dug out a little card that looks like a polaroid photo for me! It was like Christmas!!
It was so nice to receive something that wasn't a bill!
A big thanks to Megan! Check out her site too when you can!!

AND An update on the Magnet situation!! They are still yet to arrive, but I've addressed all of your envelopes and they're ready to go once they come!! :)


Jess said...

Hey Trish,

You are very welcome :)

P.s My name is Jess not Megan ha ha

Take care
xx J

EmilyKate said...

Twiggy is great! I have a bit of a thing for mannequins too. My sister used to have one in her bedroom and when people would walk in for the first time they'd get a shock seeing a six-foot tall bald lady in theatrical dress and huge false eyelashes just inside the door.

trishhunterfinds said...

Hahahah oh Jess! You have NO idea what process I went through to get that name out! I'm really bad with names, I'll never forget a face, but names do my head in, and I had 3 names in my head, and my email system was down and I couldn't confirm which name it was. Jess was typed there for most of the time, and last minute I changed. SO stupid hahaha. I should have just read the card. Anyway yesterday was a funny day.
All is corrected now! :)

Emily - HAhahahaha a 6 foot tall bald lady hahaah so funny. I still jump sometimes! They're such a weird thing! I've already started my daily mannequin searches again! I need to stoppp!

Jess said...

LOL, I'm totally bad with names too, so don't worry! xoxo

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