Friday, December 11, 2009

It's been a long time without an outfit post!

Yay 2 blogs in one day!
I guess that's what happens when I decide to have a 'nothing' day at home.
Doing 'nothing' is harder than doing something, so I chose to do something!

And that something involved the previous blog! And...
Well, I've received a few emails from people asking why I haven't done an outfit post in a long time. And to be honest it's because I've been feeling pretty blerck for a while with the whole dreadful hayfever season beginning, and being so busy and all with the online shop and all.
But today, I'm hayfeverless, I have a lot more time on my hands now that the shop bulk is up, and I don't want to do nothing... So, I put on my face, and put on some of the more fun outfits I've worn over the past few months.
I have actually been wearing a lot of jeans and blouses too... I started to realise as I went through editing these it started to look like a costume shop photo board, but I can assure you, I wore all of these.. except one that I'll tell you about when I get there.

Ok here goes..

Playsuits are big this year!!
And coming soon to Poppet are her home made goodies!!
Such as...

I bought mine last year, and since had believed it was made of Polyester so hadn't worn it for that exact reason!
Until... I dug it out again, searched for another tag and finally found out it's made of 100% cotton! (It certainly doesn't feel like it, but I trusted the tag and it turned out to be pretty good for summer!)

Serving tray?

Doy doy

I wore this opshopping one day, and A lady who worked there demanded I take a photo of myself in the above dress as I reminded her of herself when she was young. I don't think she'll see this, but I said I would so this is for you :)


When trying to put this outfit together I realised I own barely any navy items!!
So I'm actually wearing a 50's Jantzen bathing suit underneath haha. It worked out well except of course when I had to go to the loo :)

Ok this is the outfit I haven't actually worn but have been wanting to show people for ages!! It's an old 70's Jumpsuit for "ESSO" petrol which is pretty cool! Now there are numerous reasons I won't wear it out of the house!
1) It's not the most er.. comfortable thing to wear.
2) I have quickly realised I look like a cross between...


Dennis the Mennace


And last of all, Oh, I cut my dyed my hair back to how it used to be!! I had black hair for yeaaaars, then died it bright red, then finally grew it out to my natural mousy brown. got bored and went back to black haha.
I've got back into my 'punk' days and put my Septum ring back in too!
I took it out 2-3 years ago and attempted to put it in a couple of days ago, I obviously and very uncomfortably got there!

That's all from me todayyy :)

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Miss Claire said...

Wow! I especially love that geometric dress! How funny, I did the same thing with my hair! I had it black for years, then got a cherry red bob for about a year, and then dyed it brown again and it has faded back to my natural brown. But I'm thinking of going blonde next! You look cute with black hair :)

harbourmaster said...

Trish! I love your hair! And every single one of those outfits. Haha I've been trying out the one-piece as a top, cute but completely impractical at toilet time! I ended up in a restaurant bathroom starkers holding all my clothes trying to get back into stupid bathers (probably too much info, sorry!)

Poppet said...

yay for outfit posts....they are all amazing! you have so many great clothes...jelous!
your playsuit is totally awesome! don't you just have 100% more fun when you are wearing one :)
oh your hair looks super good too...

also, harbourmaster...hillarious restaurant bathroom antics! hehe

cheshirecat said...

the skirt with the swimsuit look is absolutely fantastic! i would never have picked it to be a swim piece. and i can see nothing wrong with looking like a cross between chucky and dennis the menace, honestly.

love_again said...

I think you look awesome in the overalls, not like that Dennis hooligan at all, just sayin'..

piglet said...

Amazing outfits!
I especially love the first one and the skirt and bathing suit one.

Missa said...

I LOVE your new hair cut and color, those bangs are adorable and it really suits all of your vintage looks so well! The belt and shoes in the first outfit are such a great combo with that dress and your new black hair :)

trishhunterfinds said...

Claire - Haha that geometric dress came from the Costume shop I used to work at! It hung there for years never being hired out so I took it home, shortened it and now I wear it all the time!! I love it :)
Hahah who ever invented hair dye is a champion!!

Harbour Master - Bahahah I love those kind of stories!! Never too much info when it comes to a funny story!

Poppet! - Thankyouuuu :) Haha please! You have a store full of wonderous clothing!!! HOORAY FOR PLAYSUITS!

Cheshire Cat - Haha nope! Nothing wrong with that mix at all!! In a way they're just as evil as each other!

Love_again - Hahaha, trust me... the uncomfortability of it in the uh hum region makes it wrong haha

Piglet - Yay they're my favorite too :)

Missa - I'm loving going back to my old style so much! I feel so much more like me it's great!! I guess the change makes it good too :)

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