Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fantastic Plastic lounge is BACK!!

Hi guys!
In my earlier post about my brown lounge (here) I mentioned that my fantastic plastic lounge has become my storage area for all things I sell in my shop.
Well the plastic side of retro has always been my favorite part, and not having access to my plastic lounge has been getting on my nerves, and the job just seemed to big to do anything about.
Until today.
As soon as I woke up I decided it was time to claim the plastic lounge back as my own!
And not even mutilating my toe by trying to carry a ridiculously too heavy shelf for one person out to the garage was going to stop me!

So the rest of my house looks like a bomb's hit it.
But I'm not going to worry about that now. All I can care about is that I can see all my favorite things again, and actually LIVE in my house! (Which I believe is what it's intended for.)

I of course couldn't wait to show you all pics because I'm so proud of myself for getting it how it is.
While clearing out I have discovered a lot more goodies to bring to Camberwell market on the 3rd Jan (read here for info)

Ok here is some piccies...

This is one of those panoramic shots I did similar to the other post.
I didn't use the tripod for this one so it turned out a bit.. dodgy but you can see it all anyway.

(Click to see a bigger view)

Hehe upside down he fits on my dress makers mannequin perfectly! Love it.

Now, I can actually sit on my couch and look at my favorite shelf. I couldn't see it before. Last time I took a pic of it, I had to shift half of the lounge to get in to take it! So yay!

You've seen it before, but now I can see it again!! This little Caroma vanity cabinet displays my S&P's perfectly

Gumby playing in Retro Barbie land

My Ellis Lamp and Kartell tables corner ♥

I've kinda gone overkill with my Twiggy heads I know, but they're in a fixed spot now. I promise.

I got this McLaren Bull for Christmas from Mum. He's huge! Unfortunately his horns broken off, but we still have it, so araldite will fix him up nice and good. And he's a keeper anyway so the value drop won't bother me. She found him about 10 years ago in a country op shop for $2. I saw his poor broken head sticking out of a box she was packing to move and said.. Um what's that? I will have that for Christmas please! haah.

I finally got to lay down that giant shag pile rug I bought a few months ago. And by giant I mean GIANT! I was certain it'd fit in my lounge until I started to unfold the monstrosity of a rug and started to doubt it!
It just fits. Fewf. But you can see how close it came in the next pic

So I can't move in the rest of my house, but at least there's heaps more room otherwise haha. I'll start the boring bit of finding places for the homeless objects tomorrow.



Jen said...

I wish I had two Pokeys! And a gumby... and an everything in these photos :P Looks awesome!

sad said...

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