Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Extreme Killer Python Cravings.

It's been a while since I've shown you what I've found for ME of late so here's hopefully a quick post to show you some of my goodies!

I was going through some of Mums boxes yesterday, and as like all of us 'collectors' there's never have enough room no matter how much room we have!
So we were clearing some space (That probably won't make a dint I'm sure haha)
Some stuff was being chucked, other stuff was going to Auction, and some bits and bobs I couldn't let her get rid of.
This is what I took!

I have always had a thing for mermaids. I don't harp on about it because someone always knows that lady who once told someone she collected frogs/candles/cows and now has a whole room dedicated to them because everyone latched onto it and bought them frogs/candles/cows for every Christmas/Birthday, and I don't want to be that person with the mermaid room.

I don't have many of them because I couldn't tell you what I like.
Something just gets me when I see one, and not when I see another!
There's just something magical about them don't you think?
The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney as a Kid.
No one will watch it with me because I know every song/word/sound effect. Sigh.
(Obviously the Mermaids on the left of the pic!, The other items are my latest in the kitsch collectable pickups! Including the sewing aid dog with a pin cushion head, tape measure tail, and scissors down his front that's handles make his glasses (Still gotta find some scissors!) )


I also took

This lovely little art glass vase signed to the base

And a Swatch Watch too!

So not too much, but it was interesting going through heaps of boxes of cool stuff.


I told you I bought another mannequin head EEK!!

And last night.. I just bid on ANOTHER full body mannequin arrgh. I need to just stop.

This is my new recycling postage items bin! His name is "MR CLEAN"! Could you guess?
I can easily say I've had the Millencolin song "Mr Clean" in my head since our eyes first met.

He's pretty cool! Cute pink paper mache flamingo!

I got this large enamel ware framed piece made by Richard Dent! Really 60's! It's actually supposed to be hung landscape, which is kind of different for a piece of art of that shape.

This angel stuck out at me for some reason! She's Really retro looking.. I don't think it is, but it looks very similar to pieces made by Bitossi

Hehe remember seeing this dude at the milk bar? Probably next to the KILLER PYTHONS! Oh my god I want a Killer Python RIGHT NOW!
I'm not sure what I'll put in him, but it'll make a pretty cool Point of Sale display piece.

I'm not sure if I want to sell or keep this yet!! In all my years of traveling around, attending markets/auctions I've never ever seen a genuine vintage lava Lamp.
Well this isn't a lava lamp, but a glitter lamp! I HAD to buy it! It's gorgeous lit up and really is soothing to watch! The little pieces of glitter inside slowly move around and looks fabulous on my little shelf!
I have a modern one too but I only keep modern things until I can find a Vintage replacement.. which I have! Now do I keep or sell? Aargh. I think I'll keep him for a little bit and see how I go!

Lastly, this was one of my favorite things to do in ages! My clothing tags arrived! And I got to tag all of my pieces! Now they're all pretty and hanging, and it looks like a real shop! So now when you buy my goodies you'll feel like you've bought from a real shop too!

ALSO!!! If you haven't already entered the competition to win some awesome things!! Click HERE to check it out! There's over 2 weeks to go YAY!
A million thanks to all the lovely posts people have already posted!!! You've all said such lovely things! It's helped out heaps and I appreciate it so much!

Ooh I just noticed I have 99 followers!!!!!!!! 99 is nearly 100 and 100 is WOW!!!
Thanks heaps everyone!!


piglet said...

Little Mermaid was my favourite childhood movie too! Sadly I don't have a copy to watch though.

harbourmaster said...

That mannequin head is AWESOME, I like her more than Twiggy (sorry Twiggy). I'm desperate to get a full body mannequin for my house just to dress up, but can't decide if that's just a bit too strange... May I ask where you got your tags done? I need some for my collection next year!

charity shop charmer said...

You looked fab in your dress up clothing, and I love the tags for all your sale dresses - they look very 60s! They make the virtual shop a reality.....

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