Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Present to myself.

Books make me very happy.
Though I'm not a big novel reader, Reference books, and large hard cover books full of bright fun pictures really do make me happy.
I always have to tell myself 'no' at opshops when I see the abundance of coffee table books of which I have no relation to it's content. Yet I still feel the need to buy them as they're so pretty. (I don't! I'm strong... and well, have no room for them. )
I really do love learning, so when I find a reference book that relates to my interests, I get oh so excited!
My Christmas present to myself, arrived on the front porch this morning!
I ran inside sat down on the couch and ripped open the packaging to reveal this...

Isn't it a beautiful book? When I found out this book existed I knew I had to have it.
Nothing screams Trish more than a book titled "Fantastic Plastic, the Kitsch collectors guide" 4 of the 6 words are key Trish words.
I couldn't believe I didn't already own this!

SO.... Just as I was thinking that this book and I were a perfect match, I open the cover, turn the first page and check this out...

I turn to my right, and I'm not at all kidding, this is exactly what's set up in my house. I just had to take a photo!

Made my day! Best gift to myself ever :)

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day!
I'll speak to you all on Boxing day when the winner of my competition is revealed YAYYY!


EmilyKate said...

AWESOME! Where did you GET those two mannequin-heads, anyway? I'd love to get some for my house!

ebony.arwen said...

That's crazy!
You & that book definitely are made for eachother, I'm so happy for you!
Merry xmas :)

harbourmaster said...

Dude! Eerie! Haha I think you could WRITE that book...

Hey I found something the other day that has your name written all over it, may I post it to you? My email is, just send me your address :)

kazza said...

Hi Trish, it is Kazza ex follower I Op therefore I Am blogger. You remember the lady who collects Decorating Books.

I have been following your blog since I left the world of blogging. My hubbie works for VLine and bought you home in MX that night.

I was thrilled to finally be able to say I know that celeb!

All the best with your on-line store. It looks fab. You have really thought it all out and it shows in every way.

I wish you all the best for the festive season and 2010.

I may return to blogging in the new year. I am not working at the moment and have the time.

Cheerio for now


Holly said...

Whoa! It's crazy that you have the same set up as the first page you turned too - but then, why am I not surprised? As habourmaster said, you SHOULD write/compile a book like that. It would be epicly cool and I'm sure we'd all buy it. Haha.

Best of luck with the store! x

sad said...

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