Monday, December 14, 2009

Canvas Tote bags now available!! YAY!

Hello and hooray!

Arriving on my door this morning was my order of THF tote bags! :)
They're made of a sturdy canvas, and says "I love Vintage" Across the front.
It's the best size to take on your shopping adventures! *Excuse the sales-lady tone but it really is!*

They're available at my shop for only $15!
And every bag sold gets a free badge made from Vintage childrens books :)

Click HERE for more pics :)

There's also another 10 items up! As well including A Polaroid camera, an Oroton purse, some Psychedelic wallpaper, the best best best retro light shade, and a few of the items from the previous post!

Click HERE to check it all out :)

And again...
If you haven't already entered the competition to win some awesome things including CARTERS LOVE VINTAGE BOOK!!! Click HERE to check it out! There's under 2 weeks to go YAY!


cashmere jumpers said...

I really like that bag!

cheshirecat said...

well i have entered the competition, and the banner looks lovely in its own right anyway :)

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