Friday, December 25, 2009

And the winner is.... *Drumroll Please*

YAYY!! Happy Boxing day!

The day where the Winner of the THF comp is revealed Eeeee!!!

I recorded a video blog to show the draw, so have a watch.
I hope you don't cringe as much as I did when re-watching it!
The Sound and Video don't match which is just great!
But if you just look at it as a Shintaro style and not a muck-up, it'll be cool, not bad haha

Here we go....

HAPPY CHRISTMAS, Festivus, Chrismukkah, or whatever you celebrate! and a HUGE Huge Huge congratulations to the winner!!!!

:) :)


AYESHA said...

aww congrats to the winner!

Poppet said...

you are 100% adorable. hehe 'type to you soon' i hope you do more video posts coz i thought it was great!
hope you had a super christmas :)

Miranda said...

Aw your voice is so lovely to listen to, I played the video a few times in the background because I found it relaxing :)

Trishhunterfinds said...

Thanks guys :) She was a very deserving winner!! Check out her blog at :)

Miranda... Thanks? Haha I wish my bf felt the same haha

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

Hooray!!! I never win anything! Thanks so much :)

Ebony said...

I love the jewellery box style music in the background. Congrats to the winner :)
Merry xmas to you too!

sad said...

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