Friday, November 27, 2009

Update :)

Hey guys!!

Just a quick update to share with you some of the new goodies in store :)

There's also ANOTHER 35+ new Vintage clothing items inc heapsss of dresses!

Just click HERE to browse!! Eee I'm so excited about some of the newbies!

Thanks heaps for all of your lovely emails and messages about the shop!!
And to those who've bought some of the goodies I've had, a Massive thanks for supporting me :)

I'll have special magnets made up by the end of the week to send out with every purchase, and every purchase over $30 receives a free THF Badge :)


Time for some PODS! Nom nom nom


Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog <3

btw, 'heels' is spelled with an 'e' not 'heals' :D

trishhunterfinds said...

Hahahah oh god that's just terrible!
I swear I'm the worst speller in the world!
I was number 1 in primary school, not sure what happened after that!
My main problems lie with me ee's and ea's so I'm not surprised heels killed me!
I've corrected all the ones on the accessories page, but they can stay spelt wrong on their individual pages because I'm lazy :)
I'm sure there's sooo many other mistakes anyway. Oh dear. At least you know what they're supposed to say :)

Thanks heaps for reading :)!!

thevintageyear said...

Oh Trish, you have amazing stuff and an AMAZING shop! I can't wait to see what your real-life shop will look like, with it's cute merchandise displays and vintage cash register! I can't wait to spend hours browsing in it :) With your shopping skills I always knew it would be a winner.

And well done on the html for it. I find html so confusing so I really admire how everything looks!

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