Monday, November 16, 2009

Twiggy moves in with Trish

I'd just like to introduce you to the newest resident of my house.
You'll see her potting about in numerous photos so it's best I get you all acquainted with her.
You may recognise her from being the 60s Queen of Mod, or perhaps a judge on America's next top model?
Yep, that's right, Twiggy is moving in with me.
She'll arrive by post in the next week or so and gosh I can not wait.
I've wanted her for so long!
Here's her pic...

She is an original 1970s French vintage twiggy mannequin head.

These display heads were made in France in the early 70s and designed for fashionable boutiques to display their hats on.

She is part one in my mannequin desires to help build the clothing/accessories section of my SHOP, and I have not a doubt she'll display hats, scarves, and jewelery nothing short of fabulously!

I'm off to enjoy this perfect weather! Have a lovely day :)


Mar said...

I love it, please can you tell me where did you buy it? :_)

Tracy Dizon said...

I'm a headpiece designer and I've been looking for this!! Where did you get it??

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