Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tiny teeny tiny 'Trish Hunter Finds' online SHOP!

Just a quick post... (Hmm I'm starting to realise every time I say 'Just a quick post' it never ends up being quick, but we'll see how we go today.) let you know that I've started up a teeny tiny
online shop.
And I mean... Teeny tiny!
I do hope to add some more tomorrow, so keep a look out!

You'll notice a new button at the top of the page saying 'Shop'.
Just click there for a browse. It definitely won't take long so you should take a quick squiz!

If you have something particular you'd like me to find for you, or have seen something posted on my blog that you fancy, email me and I'll add it to my list then let you know once it's in store!

Yay. I'm glad it's over. My head hasn't been in HTML mode for ages so that was a chore.

Ok Have a good night everyone!

Yay twas a quick post!


Leilani said...

Congrats on the new vintage shop! I've been collecting inventory for an etsy shop for ages but still haven't gotten around to starting one. I look forward to seeing your new stock. :)

NapoleonsLunch said...

im in heaven looking at your shop - I want to buy buy buy

will have a closer look! :)

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