Friday, November 6, 2009

Love for merchandising

Hey guys!!
Just a quick post to show you my latest finds :)

I have this thing for merchandising. I get huge kicks out of finding creative ways to display things, for example, I store my badge collection in my Gumball machine, a Caroma vanity unit to display my S&P collection, a cake display plate to show my Jewelery etc etc

This week, I picked up a few exciting merchandising items which has had my toes twiddling with glee!

My favorite being this Vintage "Mitchells paint" Point of Sale stand which I saw huge potential in!

I put a few of my Bags on there to show you one of my ideas, but it could be used for hanging anything, from Jewelery, to scarves, to mugs?
I dunno but I had to have it.

Another being these amazing Murano Glass pieces from a light fitting.
The curve in them screamed shoe display when I saw them so I bought the 12 pieces.
It can be layed down held up by itself, leaned on something like above, or screwed onto something using the light fitting hole at the top.
So many options!

This was an eBay buy from a few weeks ago but I'm dying to show someone.
It's a display stand from a Hairdresser (obviously) But wow!
It's space age design screams Kartell, and by simply replacing the Loreal sign at the top with my own, or just removing it completely will make it even more spectacular!
Also, every block is fully removable, so you can undo it all and form whatever shape you like! WOAH!!!!

Here are the other bits I've bought this week

Signed 1956 Per Lutken vase for Holmegaard Very cute

Pair of probably Whitefriars glass vases, still after a drunken bricklayer, but these will do until then.

Fab decanter!

Good old West German

These three dudes are all hand painted and pretty cute even though they are clowns... Which in my mind is pretty rare to see!

And lastly, my fav item....
I mentioned in my last blog that I have a list of items I hope to get.
Well I got another one!!!
Most of the items on my list are stereotypical/cliche retro items, which means they're hard to find and usually expensive to buy.
Like for example, if someone had a 1950's style house, you would expect to see the set of 3 flying Beswick ducks on their wall.
But for me, one of my list items were a starburst clock.
You can't have a retro house without one, and my house has been missing one for a good couple of years haha.
I now feel complete... for today.
This one's a Metamec one from England with wooden and brass bursts. I couldn't have designed a better one.

And that's all I think!

Oh, I updated the photo albums in my albums tab too incase you hadn't seen enough haha.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



piglet said...

I am incredibly jealous of your bag collection!

Leilani said...

A starburst clock has been on my list for a while too... sadly I passed up an amazing one because it was too big to bring home on the bus with me (it was 5 times the size of a normal clock!). I love your idea for re-purposing displays for your collections.

Anonymous said...

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