Saturday, November 7, 2009

I got inspired

So it always happens.
Why? I have no idea.
I always seem to start big projects at bed time.
Not during the day when I actually have the time and daylight!
No no.
But when the need for torches, more than one person, and perhaps some common sense is required.... Which I don't have at that time.

So change is one of my favorite things. And looking around at my overcrowded house, I out of the blue, and at bed time, decided it needed a change.

Now starting to move furniture in my flat is like asking for a pony at Christmas time. It's just not going to happen.
Similarly to the asking for a pony, I decided to try my luck anyway.

My house is completely upside down, I haven't sweated this much since I did the cross country in maybe year 8, and although I seem to have gone backwards in the bedtime project, the goal I set out to do was a success.

I wanted to bring in from the Garage my Loreal shelf that I mentioned in my last blog. (Ps two blogs in one day! PWOAH)
Now considering not an inch of wall/floor is visible in my place, a lot had to be shuffled to get that far.
Not just so I could fit it in, but so that I could physically get it in my front door, and maneuver it to it's new home.
Now if I were on some kind of reality TV show, watching me do that would have been a highlight at an understatement.
Let's just say I definitely needed that daylight, that other person, and most of all, the common sense.

The task was almost impossible. Thank god for swearing, or half of my house would still be left outside on the lawn in frustration.


There were a few near crashes from where laziness set in and I didn't move things out of the way properly to begin with. But nothing broke.

I did screw up the wall with some badly used claw hammering to move a hook to hang up the fab blind that I'll show you in a sec, but psht... I'll stress about it when I have to leave here.

Ok here goes....

I'd like to unveil my silly bedtime project....

How cool is the blind behind... ooh I just... Rhymed. Bad bad bad.


I'm exhausted and I'm supposed to be doing markets tomorrow morning, so I best leave my crazy house and jump into bed.
Let's hope I don't have to get up in the middle of the night because no doubt I'll forget nothing is where it normally is and I'll have very sore toes.


Raybies said...

Very nice Trish. You'll have to tell us about the crosscountry one day, where did you come in it, it seems to be on your mind a bit!!!!
But the shelf does look good. (bitch)

piglet said...

wow this looks fantastic!

clare said...

Very Nice Indeed!

Miss Claire said...

Wow the shelf looks amazing! But I am smitten with that Blind! I must have it...

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

LOVE that shelf, and your combinations - looks stunning! And the blind, oh my!

NapoleonsLunch said...


Anonymous said...

I Find this Blog a bit odd. You are collecting the stuff that people throw out on hard rubbish days, dont you go to Chadstone. They have some fantastic stuff there. China can produce some very unusual items now and you can buy it new. And you can get to see it all in one day. Saves all the trouble of chasing around to op shops and stuff. You should give it a go.
Let me know how you go.

Leilani said...

That shelf is absolutely amazing! Good job on organizing... my room has been in need of a bad clean/organization for a while, I keep dumping all my vintage finds on my back porch (that I use for storage). :(

Ellie said...

Hooray for salvaging. Keep going!

harbourmaster said...

That looks awesome! Totally worth the effort.

Erin Faith said...

I have a name for starting big jobs way too late M.M or Midnight Motivation. Its like it just hits you like a bolt of lightning "i might start that now instead of tomorrow"...

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