Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Halloween Halloween

Hooray! My favorite time of year has come and gone!!
Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, so it was bound to be an amazing day/night.
I worked at the costume shop during the day.
It was by far the craziest most busy and fun day of the year.
Driving home to get ready for the party, I drove past a few family's walking around from house to house in their capes and fake blood, carrying their pumpkin trick or treat buckets.
I'd toot my horn, they'd get all giggly and excited, and wave profusely, which in return would get me all giggly and excited and look forward to tooting at the next group of kids.
They started to die out *intended pun* when far far in the distance I see one last kid walking the streets.
He's dressed in normal clothes, a hoodie and some jeans... and a scream mask.
So still being on my high of kids getting excited by my toots, I toot him.
But instead of exciting waves..... He gives me the finger.
I was in stitches laughing. You just know he was sitting at home on the computer when he started craving some lollies so dug out that old scream mask of his brothers and start to cruise the streets. The things he has to do in the name of lollies.
I'm still laughing.

Believe it or not Halloween is huge in Australia now.
I remember back in Highschool days, my friend Clare and I decided to do Trick or Treating one Halloween.
It wasn't very big back then, and of course living in Marysville, a country town with a very small population, there was almost no chance of anything remotely Halloweeny going on.
Anyway, I think I dressed in a power puff girl costume, I can't remember what Clare wore, but we started our door knocking.
What a hilarious and interesting night. Definitely one of those nights where you cry real tears from laughing so hard.
We got next to no lollies. However we did receive...
A packet of raspberry tart biscuits,
Left over sausages from dinner,
and our favorite thing...
Money! Lots of money! (Well lots at the time... I think we got like nearly $40 each?)
Guilt pays! All these people felt terrible for not being prepared, so went and rummaged up whatever they could get! Genius!

Hahah, anyway...
Every year two friends and myself organize a huge Halloween party in the city.
Last year you'd remember I went as a decapitated Anne Boelyn (Which you can see in my Halloween 2008 blog here)
This year I went as BEETLEJUICE!

Here's some pics from the night.

The two other girls and myself who did a fantastic job of organizing while I was away working.

Best cupcakes EVER!

And then this morning, I was up super early to do the markets. I got a few goodies :)

Fabulous fabulous vase on the left. And this flower ornament that my boyfriend was so very jealous of. :)

And lastly... my favorite market find for a long time. These ceramic owl bookends. Probably from the 1950's in perfect condition, still with it's original sticker.
The colours are so so great! I just adore them.

And that's all from me today!!

Hope whatever you did on the 31st of October was lots of fun :)


NapoleonsLunch said...

ohhh which markets did u go to???

juznie said...

Halloween is so much fun and it's good to see people get dressed up!

Love your Beetlejuice costume :)

Piglet said...

Wow, amazing costumes on everyone. I love when everyone goes all out!

Hammie said...

Yay! I love Halloween, must be funny with the weather getting better and the clocks going forward, we have the opposite so the holiday helps make up for that.
I had the same kid in a hoodie with a scream mask and plastic bin bag for his swag - amazing how he managed to get a direct flight to Ireland, just for a few sweets!

I also had the cutest little spider, a lady bug and at about 8:30 pm when the littlies really should be at home, a "naughty nurse" aged 10 if she was a day with PLASTIC GIANT BOOBS!

Still it is a nighter nights alright. More power to it! xx

Raybies said...

Some great finds.... Bitch!!!!

Megan Aney said...

so cute, love the costume

trishhunterfinds said...

Napoleon - I got to lots of markets each week, this time was Bentleigh!

Junzie - Oh I know!! I was actually thinking, I think Halloween is the only event of the year where everyone has a costume day? I mean there's dress up days for peoples birthdays, etc, but Halloween is the one day where you can go into the city and everyone's dressed up!

Piglet - Oh there were some winners!! My favorite of all time was when some friends dressed up as the "no garry no" people from the smoking commercial, I think there's a pic on the old blog?

Hammie - Oooh it must be good having no daylight savings for that reason!! Hahahahhaah There might be one in every suburb! Poor kid.
EEK 10 year old??? Oh dear, where's her Mum?

Ray - Hahahhahahahahahaahha

Megan - Weeeeee thankyou so much :)

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