Saturday, November 28, 2009

The cutest thing in the whole wide world


I'm not sure if you've seen the cutest thing in the world before...
You might have thought you had...
I thought I had!
Until I found this.

This is by far... The cutest thing I have ever seen in the whole wide world.

He's a little 50's salt shaker, shaped like a little pixie or elf head.
Unfortunately I only have one. No pepper for me.
So it's one of my life missions to find his long lost sibling head.

If anyone finds it I'd love to buy it from you!!
Although I do feel special thinking that he's winking at me and not his pepper carrying friend.

Anyway I just had to share.

He's sitting on my record player case ontop of my TV and he makes me smile :)

I'm also going to show you my toilet.
I've never taken you into my bathroom before and this is possibly the only time I will!

I picked up this cute toilet mascott this week!

He sits ontop of my loo next to my 'Loo' sign that forever gets changed to '007' whenever Dad visits.

In shop news - I now have 197 items up for sale!
Here is the newest selection in the collectables and clothing pages

Happy Sunday everyone!! The rains great for the country, but not so good for markets! Sigh. :)


Poppet said...

arrgh, that toilet mascot is totally freaking me out, imagine going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and being greeted by him! eep

your shop is looking super good trish, congrats on getting so many wonderful things! i'm amazed at the range and quality of your stuff...and i'm sure it will be a raging success! Yippppieee

thevintageyear said...

I hope you find the pepper elf! With your skills I'm sure you'll eventually hunt him down :)

EmilyKate said...

He is SOOOOOOO cute and Freaky! I hope he finds his long-lost brother or sister... although you don't know, their separateion may be no accident. Maybe there was a family rift and they are now estranged ;o)

Loo-man is awesome too.

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