Monday, November 30, 2009

Free Magnets YAY!

Hey all! Just a quick message to let you all know
I'm sending out FREE THF MAGNETS to all of my Blog Readers! :)
No strings attached I promise! just magnetic goodness.
Shoot me an email with your address so I can make your fridge pretty :)

Also if you're on facebook, I'd love love (If you haven't already) to join the 'Trish Hunter Finds' page!
Just click here YAY!

Hooray for mini prezzies in the mail instead of bills!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The cutest thing in the whole wide world


I'm not sure if you've seen the cutest thing in the world before...
You might have thought you had...
I thought I had!
Until I found this.

This is by far... The cutest thing I have ever seen in the whole wide world.

He's a little 50's salt shaker, shaped like a little pixie or elf head.
Unfortunately I only have one. No pepper for me.
So it's one of my life missions to find his long lost sibling head.

If anyone finds it I'd love to buy it from you!!
Although I do feel special thinking that he's winking at me and not his pepper carrying friend.

Anyway I just had to share.

He's sitting on my record player case ontop of my TV and he makes me smile :)

I'm also going to show you my toilet.
I've never taken you into my bathroom before and this is possibly the only time I will!

I picked up this cute toilet mascott this week!

He sits ontop of my loo next to my 'Loo' sign that forever gets changed to '007' whenever Dad visits.

In shop news - I now have 197 items up for sale!
Here is the newest selection in the collectables and clothing pages

Happy Sunday everyone!! The rains great for the country, but not so good for markets! Sigh. :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Update :)

Hey guys!!

Just a quick update to share with you some of the new goodies in store :)

There's also ANOTHER 35+ new Vintage clothing items inc heapsss of dresses!

Just click HERE to browse!! Eee I'm so excited about some of the newbies!

Thanks heaps for all of your lovely emails and messages about the shop!!
And to those who've bought some of the goodies I've had, a Massive thanks for supporting me :)

I'll have special magnets made up by the end of the week to send out with every purchase, and every purchase over $30 receives a free THF Badge :)


Time for some PODS! Nom nom nom

Friday, November 20, 2009

40+ Vintage clothing gems now available at Trish Hunter Finds!!!


I found a mannequin and have taken more photos than I hope to ever do again in a row, resulting in now having 40+ items of clothing available in my shop!!!

Here's a glimpse!!

I'll be continuously adding things, so keep in mind this is just the beginning!

There's Dresses, Skirts, Jumpsuits, and Lots of Bathing suits too!

So have a browse!

I uploaded it about 5 minutes ago, and have been looking at it flat chat for about 2 days so there may be problems with viewing that I just can't see as I've become numb! So if you see any dodgys please let me know!!


Everything's done securely through paypal so there's no need to worry about dodgys there.

Ok I think that's about it!

Hope you like it :):)

Oh wait...

I'm also a supplier of the new Carters 'Love Vintage' which is also available to purchase through my shop!

Buyers also receive a free home made badge made from Vintage children's books!

I'm off to try and not think about html!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Twiggy moves in with Trish

I'd just like to introduce you to the newest resident of my house.
You'll see her potting about in numerous photos so it's best I get you all acquainted with her.
You may recognise her from being the 60s Queen of Mod, or perhaps a judge on America's next top model?
Yep, that's right, Twiggy is moving in with me.
She'll arrive by post in the next week or so and gosh I can not wait.
I've wanted her for so long!
Here's her pic...

She is an original 1970s French vintage twiggy mannequin head.

These display heads were made in France in the early 70s and designed for fashionable boutiques to display their hats on.

She is part one in my mannequin desires to help build the clothing/accessories section of my SHOP, and I have not a doubt she'll display hats, scarves, and jewelery nothing short of fabulously!

I'm off to enjoy this perfect weather! Have a lovely day :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tiny teeny tiny 'Trish Hunter Finds' online SHOP!

Just a quick post... (Hmm I'm starting to realise every time I say 'Just a quick post' it never ends up being quick, but we'll see how we go today.) let you know that I've started up a teeny tiny
online shop.
And I mean... Teeny tiny!
I do hope to add some more tomorrow, so keep a look out!

You'll notice a new button at the top of the page saying 'Shop'.
Just click there for a browse. It definitely won't take long so you should take a quick squiz!

If you have something particular you'd like me to find for you, or have seen something posted on my blog that you fancy, email me and I'll add it to my list then let you know once it's in store!

Yay. I'm glad it's over. My head hasn't been in HTML mode for ages so that was a chore.

Ok Have a good night everyone!

Yay twas a quick post!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I got inspired

So it always happens.
Why? I have no idea.
I always seem to start big projects at bed time.
Not during the day when I actually have the time and daylight!
No no.
But when the need for torches, more than one person, and perhaps some common sense is required.... Which I don't have at that time.

So change is one of my favorite things. And looking around at my overcrowded house, I out of the blue, and at bed time, decided it needed a change.

Now starting to move furniture in my flat is like asking for a pony at Christmas time. It's just not going to happen.
Similarly to the asking for a pony, I decided to try my luck anyway.

My house is completely upside down, I haven't sweated this much since I did the cross country in maybe year 8, and although I seem to have gone backwards in the bedtime project, the goal I set out to do was a success.

I wanted to bring in from the Garage my Loreal shelf that I mentioned in my last blog. (Ps two blogs in one day! PWOAH)
Now considering not an inch of wall/floor is visible in my place, a lot had to be shuffled to get that far.
Not just so I could fit it in, but so that I could physically get it in my front door, and maneuver it to it's new home.
Now if I were on some kind of reality TV show, watching me do that would have been a highlight at an understatement.
Let's just say I definitely needed that daylight, that other person, and most of all, the common sense.

The task was almost impossible. Thank god for swearing, or half of my house would still be left outside on the lawn in frustration.


There were a few near crashes from where laziness set in and I didn't move things out of the way properly to begin with. But nothing broke.

I did screw up the wall with some badly used claw hammering to move a hook to hang up the fab blind that I'll show you in a sec, but psht... I'll stress about it when I have to leave here.

Ok here goes....

I'd like to unveil my silly bedtime project....

How cool is the blind behind... ooh I just... Rhymed. Bad bad bad.


I'm exhausted and I'm supposed to be doing markets tomorrow morning, so I best leave my crazy house and jump into bed.
Let's hope I don't have to get up in the middle of the night because no doubt I'll forget nothing is where it normally is and I'll have very sore toes.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Love for merchandising

Hey guys!!
Just a quick post to show you my latest finds :)

I have this thing for merchandising. I get huge kicks out of finding creative ways to display things, for example, I store my badge collection in my Gumball machine, a Caroma vanity unit to display my S&P collection, a cake display plate to show my Jewelery etc etc

This week, I picked up a few exciting merchandising items which has had my toes twiddling with glee!

My favorite being this Vintage "Mitchells paint" Point of Sale stand which I saw huge potential in!

I put a few of my Bags on there to show you one of my ideas, but it could be used for hanging anything, from Jewelery, to scarves, to mugs?
I dunno but I had to have it.

Another being these amazing Murano Glass pieces from a light fitting.
The curve in them screamed shoe display when I saw them so I bought the 12 pieces.
It can be layed down held up by itself, leaned on something like above, or screwed onto something using the light fitting hole at the top.
So many options!

This was an eBay buy from a few weeks ago but I'm dying to show someone.
It's a display stand from a Hairdresser (obviously) But wow!
It's space age design screams Kartell, and by simply replacing the Loreal sign at the top with my own, or just removing it completely will make it even more spectacular!
Also, every block is fully removable, so you can undo it all and form whatever shape you like! WOAH!!!!

Here are the other bits I've bought this week

Signed 1956 Per Lutken vase for Holmegaard Very cute

Pair of probably Whitefriars glass vases, still after a drunken bricklayer, but these will do until then.

Fab decanter!

Good old West German

These three dudes are all hand painted and pretty cute even though they are clowns... Which in my mind is pretty rare to see!

And lastly, my fav item....
I mentioned in my last blog that I have a list of items I hope to get.
Well I got another one!!!
Most of the items on my list are stereotypical/cliche retro items, which means they're hard to find and usually expensive to buy.
Like for example, if someone had a 1950's style house, you would expect to see the set of 3 flying Beswick ducks on their wall.
But for me, one of my list items were a starburst clock.
You can't have a retro house without one, and my house has been missing one for a good couple of years haha.
I now feel complete... for today.
This one's a Metamec one from England with wooden and brass bursts. I couldn't have designed a better one.

And that's all I think!

Oh, I updated the photo albums in my albums tab too incase you hadn't seen enough haha.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Halloween Halloween

Hooray! My favorite time of year has come and gone!!
Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, so it was bound to be an amazing day/night.
I worked at the costume shop during the day.
It was by far the craziest most busy and fun day of the year.
Driving home to get ready for the party, I drove past a few family's walking around from house to house in their capes and fake blood, carrying their pumpkin trick or treat buckets.
I'd toot my horn, they'd get all giggly and excited, and wave profusely, which in return would get me all giggly and excited and look forward to tooting at the next group of kids.
They started to die out *intended pun* when far far in the distance I see one last kid walking the streets.
He's dressed in normal clothes, a hoodie and some jeans... and a scream mask.
So still being on my high of kids getting excited by my toots, I toot him.
But instead of exciting waves..... He gives me the finger.
I was in stitches laughing. You just know he was sitting at home on the computer when he started craving some lollies so dug out that old scream mask of his brothers and start to cruise the streets. The things he has to do in the name of lollies.
I'm still laughing.

Believe it or not Halloween is huge in Australia now.
I remember back in Highschool days, my friend Clare and I decided to do Trick or Treating one Halloween.
It wasn't very big back then, and of course living in Marysville, a country town with a very small population, there was almost no chance of anything remotely Halloweeny going on.
Anyway, I think I dressed in a power puff girl costume, I can't remember what Clare wore, but we started our door knocking.
What a hilarious and interesting night. Definitely one of those nights where you cry real tears from laughing so hard.
We got next to no lollies. However we did receive...
A packet of raspberry tart biscuits,
Left over sausages from dinner,
and our favorite thing...
Money! Lots of money! (Well lots at the time... I think we got like nearly $40 each?)
Guilt pays! All these people felt terrible for not being prepared, so went and rummaged up whatever they could get! Genius!

Hahah, anyway...
Every year two friends and myself organize a huge Halloween party in the city.
Last year you'd remember I went as a decapitated Anne Boelyn (Which you can see in my Halloween 2008 blog here)
This year I went as BEETLEJUICE!

Here's some pics from the night.

The two other girls and myself who did a fantastic job of organizing while I was away working.

Best cupcakes EVER!

And then this morning, I was up super early to do the markets. I got a few goodies :)

Fabulous fabulous vase on the left. And this flower ornament that my boyfriend was so very jealous of. :)

And lastly... my favorite market find for a long time. These ceramic owl bookends. Probably from the 1950's in perfect condition, still with it's original sticker.
The colours are so so great! I just adore them.

And that's all from me today!!

Hope whatever you did on the 31st of October was lots of fun :)

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