Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Space or lack of.

Ok, super quick update because I'm running short on time, see the amount of stuff on my entire house's floor seems to be multiplying at an exceptional rate and it won't be long before I'm stuck on my couch and unable to move, and it'll continue to build up around me and swallow me up, and I don't really want that to happen so I best clean my house.
The amount of newspaper that's lining my floor from unwrapping breakable goods, could suggest to anyone new coming into my house that there is some kind of animal living with me, but no. I think my main problem lies in the fact that I basically have too much stuff. Gee how surprising! I have been in denial for a long time.
The main question I'm asked when I meet fellow bloggers, is 'Where do you put all of your stuff?' And the answer is changing, from a confident 'Oh there's always space.' to... '...uh where I unwrap it' because that's currently where everything is at the moment... it's currently being left where it's unwrapped due to no space left! Eep! Time for some more shelves? :)
Time to tidy.

First, here are the things I've picked up over the last while...

Cutest wide eye prints!

West german vase

Strange ceramic wood seperatable dishes

Oink Oink

Little plastic corn plates

Art glass candle sticks that don't resemble the above colour at all.

Rather heavy vinyl retro stool

The most amazing white rabbit fur jacket that fits me hooray!

A blue suede coat with a faux fur collar

Pretty ceramic jug

Shorter & Son Platter

Heavy Murano glass dish

L-R Leather skirt, pants, pants and skirt, all with original price tags of crazy amounts.

Cute icecream bowls for me

This looks like those little retro vases you see everywhere, but it's a big heavy one signed CH to the bottom

Bread bin in need of a good scrubbing

I've wanted something to put in my bathroom for a while now. My bathroom has NOTHING decorative in it, and it bugs me. So I bought this cute little 60's bedside table to store my towels, and put some pretty things on top of. Not sure what yet, but I'm sure it'll fill up soon.

And the Beatles red and blue albums which I have playing as I type, and soon to be tidying sigh.

Have a good week :)


Ayesha said...

and as you can see i'm still excited about it!
I love how yours is more obvious that mine! ('bread') mine has pictures of animals and needs a good scrubbing too!

great eye :D

angel wings and hearts said...

i am hearing you loud and clear about space etc. i have been more selective of late - sometimes i don't have to make that decision as i haven't really been seeing much i really want. the other thing i have noticed is the exorbitant prices because something is "old". oh its old it must be worth a fortune. oops sorry i am having a bit of a rant. whinge whinge. :)

Rosie Unknown said...

You should start a shop. That way you could still go op shopping, but you would be making money, and your house wouldn't be so full.

Circa62 said...

Boxes, boxes & more boxes, the plastic ones with locking lids from discount stores, that's the only thing keeping my stuff under control ...although it makes playing with (& gloating over) my treasures a bit more difficult :(
Your blog rocks btw, I've been a fan for ages (& thanks for your comment on mine)

peaitlreiecnia said...

I think Rosie Unknown is onto something, you could give the shop the same name as your blog and everything!! Plus, with the things you manage to find, it's not like the shop would be without wonderful things!!

great finds

Skye said...

Time to get a self-storage cube Trish - stick all the stuff in there which you are hoarding to sell in the future. Make sure it's packed in a way which means you can access stuff if you need to get at it. If you find one out on the outskirts of Melbourne the price is pretty reasonable.

Be tough on what you keep in the house too - just keep the best of the best and stick the rest in storage, otherwise it will actually overwhelm you and then get to the point where it is all a bit too hard to deal with.

Charity Shop Charmer said...

Your blue suede coat is stunning - and just the thing to wear when listening to the Beatles and typing on your blog, I fancy! Incredibly late sixties and a beautiful sight.

Whatever you keep, I do hope you keep that coat!!!! Austen Powers could not resist you in it.

hiro said...

Nice to meet you.

I was going to paste the link without permission because I had very felt the interest for your blog.

Please link me with the blog if it is good.



Pretty Little Pictures said...

I'm exactly the same - I leave fabric EVERYWHERE!! Oh and I'm a smidge late, but congratulations on getting your license!! I still have my restricted, but drive like I have my full - i really must get around to doing that...

Hammie said...

Excruciatingly jealous of the Beatles vinyl! The German plate would have had cubes of Coon, sliced salami, cheezles and peanuts- which at some stage would get thrown together in one consolidated bowl with extra chewyness.
If you build the shop they will come. xx

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