Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh what a feeling...

Guess who's gone and got her drivers license!
6 years too late is better than never hey?

This is a pic of me and my little bluebird when I first got him.
This is pretty much how I felt when I got my license but being too busy driving around and all, I haven't taken a recent photo of me all grown up and driving, so thought I'd just show this :)

So I've been out and about, not catching trains, getting from point a to point b in half the time, and getting to opshops I haven't been able to in the past because I'd previously spent that time traveling to work.
I have had my first 'getting lost' drama, I somehow ended up in Dandenong while trying to get home from Frankston. I started to realise this as I drove past large paddocks and industrial areas. I still have no idea how I missed my points. Stupid should be called

Anyway, On my public transportless opshop day on Tuesday, I did pick up some exciting things!

Oh first, this is that dress from Poppet that I bought the other day. I wore it for my test to start the day all bright. It's by far my favorite dress. :)

I picked up...

A Caroma stool that obviously belonged to someone else with a thing for the 70's.. or well just perhaps lived in the 70's, and put two chairs together. Clever people.

Blurry owl container

Cute art glass vase

Mmmm cake

Pretty girls

The most AMAZING fabric. I'm going to wait and find the perfect 50's pattern for this and make the dream dress.

I've not seen a cooler tooled leather bag. Check out the clasp! It's pretty darn cool.

How could this cutie still be left on the shelf. Those eyes!


Funny beanie. It'll match with my teddy bear red jacket.

Wicked glaze on this West German vase!

Speaking of cool glazes, I couldn't knock this back for $1 Fabulous colours.

Heavy heavy art glass ashtray. May place this next to my couch for those rare times I feel like doing exercise. Would make great weights.

I for so long refused to buy a plastic gross feather duster from coles or the $2 shop or wherever, and have been on the hunt for a feather one for a while now. I did finally find a cheapy one at the cheap shop, but all the feathers fall out... so was super happy when I picked this one up. Bye bye spider webs and hopefully spiders.
I semi think I may have bought the opshops personal duster as it was behind the counter. But the man got it out for me and sold it to me no drama. Eep.

And lastly, my favorite item that I made a beeline to. INFLATABLE COAT HANGERS!!!!
and not just inflatable coat hangers, but FLOWER POWER INFLATABLE COAT HANGERS!
and not just flower power inflatable coat hangers, but BRAND NEW VINTAGE FLOWER POWER INFLATABLE COAT HANGERS.
Ok that's enough.
Pretty cool though huh?

I think that's all. I think I might DRIVE down the shops and buy some snacks.... just because I can.

Have a good night everyone :)


Poppet said...

haha, those inflatable coat hangers are hilarious! who on earth came up with that brainwave??

I'm so glad you hemmed that dress shorter, you look absolutely wonderful in it :)

congrats on getting your license, i'm going to use you as inspiration and think about getting mine!

zigsma said...

Beep beep! Fun isn't it?

I love the flour sifter and I'm seriously coveting the W German vase - not often you see a blue glaze.

harbourmaster said...

Congratulations! I am still astounded you did so many op shops solely on public transport... That dress is gorgeous on you, I'm sure it'll give you many bright starts!

thevintageyear said...

congrats! That tooled leather bag is soooo sweet, I have NEVER been able to thrift a tooled leather bag of any description - let alone one that is so unique!

I love the 1st pic of you and the car too, looks like a Toyota ad, so cute.

thevintageyear said...

gosh I just realised how redundant the last part of my comment was given your post title!

Rosie Unknown said...

I love the outfit, and the first photo is amazing!

Congrats on getting your license!

Bucca said...

Oh and the german vase is so pretty, love owls also :)

meglet said...

I'm muchos excited for you!
Now there's no excuse not to come and visit Ballarat!!

Chelsea said...

I love the hangers, haha, reminds me of when inflatable chairs were all the rage in my childhood.

amy jones said...

the coathangers. i saw some at the best garage sale everrrrr in avenel (small town in country vic).
was a deceased estate of a lady who had OCD with shopping. it was amazinggggggg.

her sister told me the idea is for when u go camping

trishhunterfinds said...

Jules - Hahaha I know!! I nearly died when I saw them!!
Oh thankyou! I know I've said it a kazillion times, but it's by far my favorite dress I own. Best investment ever!
Oh please go and get it!! I can't belive I waited so long!!
I went and bought Indian for dinner tonight, and I didn't have to wait for transport. Ohhhhhh yeah!!!
And the opshops I'm going to... ooohhhhhhh

Zigsma - SO MUCH FUN!!! Little bit scary, but so much fun!
Yeah the glaze is weird hey! I too haven't seen a blue glaze! It's a pretty big vase too.

Harbour Master - After but a week of having my license, I have NO idea how I managed to do so many on transport. I was crazy!!!

The vintage year - Oh don't be too excited... it was from savers and wasn't exactly thrifty price, but I couldn't leave it there!

The vintage year - haha you dag, that made me laugh

Rosie - Thankyou and thankyouuuuu :)

Bucca - It's a weird one isn't it! I've put it next to my green one and they look quite nice together.

Meg - Oooh I'm SO there!! I can't WAITTTT! ROAD TRIP!

Chelsea - Ooooh I would kill for an inflatable chair! I wouldn't kill to blow one up, but owning one would be pretty cool!

Amy - I so hope you bought those!! and everything else this lady had! That sale sounds incredible! Very jealous I wasn't there! Camping you say! I seeee :)

EmilyKate said...

Congrats on getting your license! I don't have mine yet and I'm, um, about... 14 years late ;o)

Lecon de vetement said...

That dress KILLS me with so much joy!!!! I mean could thoes faces get any cuter??? arrrgh

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