Friday, September 4, 2009

Get around round round I get around

Wah wa ooo hello!
Gosh! Thanks so much for all of your lovely congratulations.
It's been great gallivanting all over town and picking up bits and pieces as I go.
Here are a few bits that I picked up before and after work today that I wouldn't have found if it weren't for those pretty green P plates on the back of my car. :)

But first, yesterday, with a hint of Spring in the air (At least for the early part of the day, kudos Melbourne) I felt rather eccentric, so dressed for my mood.
I do love these tights. They're from Velour in St Kilda, there's 20 million different types, I want them all!
I wore this to Auction that night, and one guy said something along the lines of 'I'm glad there isn't much china this week, I wouldn't know if I were bidding that or Trish' Haha I laughed.

Ok here we go...

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this Japanese log. How cute do these little squirrels look sitting on it!

1970's Bradley Mickey Mouse alarm clock


Kitsch Italian teapot and cup

A large ceramic vase

And my favorite, this hand painted 50's Italian vase with a salt glaze. This cost me $1. I nearly died. It's so so pretty.

Got some goodies at Auction too!
I'll post them when I pick them up :)

Until then, have a fabulous weekend!


Rosie Unknown said...

I love the outfit, so awesome!

harbourmaster said...

Best outfit ever! You look adorable!

amyjones said...

funnnnny when i saw u yesterday .
i was like, oh it couldnt be, n then i looked at ur boots and i was like, im sure iv seen them before.
hope i didnt freakkk u .

was in eltham / diamond creek/ whittlesea then wallan.

venture up to whittlesea definately now ur on ur p's.
far out . cheapest iv been to forever.
the kind where its like,, oh yeah, 50c for that. oh 2$ for that pair of vintage italian leather boots.

anyawy hope i didnt freak u. haha. it was prettty funny

piglet said...

Love love love your outfit!
And jealous of the vintage patterns.

trishhunterfinds said...

Rosie - Thankyouuu :)
Harbour Master - It was pretty crazy for me so it was a bit of fun!
Amy - Oh my gosh I was like OMG WHO IS HONKING!? I nearly asked about it in my blog! Haha those boots! I practically LIVE in them!
You ddin't freak me out but I was 'who WAS that-ing' all day
Oh there's some good opshops around there! Did you find any goodies??
Ooooh Whittlesea you say! I may have to venture up that way! I've never been! Jeez $2 for italian boots... thats a bit steep isn't it? Haha. They're the best opshops!
Well nice to... see you? haha.
Until next time

Piglet - I do love vintage patterns, I must get my sewing machine out again I think!!

POP!shonelle said...

I seem to just accumulate more and more 'junk' and keep finding space to put it ... thank god for living in a big house, but this is the exact reason why I am DREADING ever having to move somewhere small!
- S

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