Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh no, a new collection.

So on your adventures, you find something cute and unusual.
Nothing abnormal about that, it makes you happy, you find a little home for it and you don't think any more about it.
Then, along your travels, you find another one....
But two items is a collection!!
Not another one, not another one.
You thank yourself that this time it's not another big collection like say for example.. retro bikes (guilty as charged) which seems to validate your new collection as being okay.
Now that you've justified it, you can now allow yourself to start spending time looking out for these items, because I mean, you can't let this new collection down can you? (subtle self manipulation)
You may remember in my last post, I picked up a little fish shaped coin purse with the clasp as it's mouth?
Well that was one of my favorite things.
I must have verbally expressed my happiness about it a little too much because a friend gave me one of their purses they had tucked away.
Wait for this...

Isn't this the cutest/most scary coin purse in the world?
The collection has begun. I think it's actually quite a good collection to have because well, they're little, and there's such a variety you can collect so there's always an exciting surprise when you find a new one, and I won't be able to buy tons of them because there aren't tons of them, and I'll force myself to be picky and only buy the vintage novelty ones.

Here are some of the other prezzies I got this week :)

A little 1960's radio that will sit next to my bed

Amazing. I've always wanted something made from cashmere and now I do. This top from Harrods is 100% cashmere, oh it's just BEAUTIFUL! It'll hang at the front of my clothes rack so I can touch it as I walk past. :)

The print I told you about in my last blog that I forgot to pick up (I promise I love her Ray!! It wasn't intentional to leave her behind!)

He also found this kitsch little butterscotchy cookie jar. I really do love my Japan goodies.

Lastly, I have to share this video that he emailed me knowing how much I love the Sound of Music.
This video pretty much made my day.
I clapped when it ended which has to mean it has to be good yes?

That's all from me today!

Off to clean my brothel of a house sigh.


Poppet said...


that sound of music video was great!
it made my day :)

thanks trish

Skye said...

No coin purse collection could possibly be complete without one of these. I do not think you can rest until you've found one!

Lavender said...

That video was AWESOME. Why do things like that never happen where I live?

Chelsea said...

That is a purse? I don't understand but I like it.
I think the doll head thing is intended as a plant pot but I prefer it just as a random head,haha. Maybee I could use it for paintbrushes. Either way It was too weird to resist for 50p on a market.

Rosie Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the video! It is so amazing!

love_again said...

Yes, that coin purse is rather scary. BUT CUTE CUTE CUTE..and certainly my cup of tea.

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