Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nikki Nikki no nikki a fi a fi a fo fikki

Hi hi,

Just a few finds today that I thought I'd share, and an outfit post too! :)

Today I wore the sheepskin vest I picked up on Thursday. Super cozy.

I picked up..

This rather heavy old molded glass vase. That made my day.

How trippy is this tie dye scarf? It's MASSIVE. I think I'll hang it on my wall.
I just love the colours and the design.

Not big fan of this design, but for a while now I've been needing a heat resistant place to put my pots etc for my bench. This will do the job just fine!

A cute potato chip canister that I'll be putting my hair-ties and bobby pins in.

And lastly. I don't know why, but I have the worst luck with tan leather shoes.
I swear every single pair I buy, break on me.
If you're after some fabulous Italian brogues, you can find some in the bin outside my work.
But you may find that one has it's whole sole not attached GRR.
I go through them like toilet paper!
I never have a problem with black shoes, but the browns, I can easily say I've thrown out at least 10 pair over the past couple of years. No kidding.
I gave these a good bend to test it's durability before I bought them.
We'll see how long these last.

That's all today :)

Ooh, I'd also like to say hi to my good friend Nikki who I hope will now stop talking in third person. :) He puts together fabulous music mixes that you can download here! :)

Goodnight :)


Rosie Unknown said...

I love the outfit!

Jen said...

potato chips :) classic.
That vest looks great on!

angel wings and hearts said...

yes, potato chip container is groovy. :)

Lavender said...

how can you not want to fill that cannister with potato chips? immediately.

Missa said...

Awesome tie-dye scarf and those leather shoes are lovely, hope they last you awhile!

Aya Smith said...

Gorgeous, very "20's" outfit... wow, such great finds :)

Hammie said...

yeugh! soft nanna potato chips in a not very airtight canister!

Much better for clips and things.
May you have good tan shoe Karma! xx

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