Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hi hi!
Ooh lots of goodies to show you today!
I didn't think I had much, and then as I started to photograph, I kept finding things that I forgot I picked up, so it turns out it's going to be a pretty big blog! :)
Ok where to start...
I'll post my favorite thing.

This was a gift from the Mr.
I fell in love with her the first day I saw it hanging up at work. It's one of those things that mightn't have any effect on anyone else, but to you it gives you that nostalgic magical feeling.
One of my absolute favorite things are Mermaids.
It always has been since I was really little. Perhaps something to do with the mystery, fantasy and beauty about them makes me feel all funny.
So I was absolutely delighted when it was given to me. I just love her.
She's leaning on my bedside table.

He also picked me up this darling little ceramic owl candle holder who sleeps restfully with his other owl friends.

Oh and some flower power contact too!!

There was a few small retro bits and bobs..

Old match boxes complete with cute matches. Can matches be cute? Hmm.

A new desk organiser. Something I actually needed which was handy!

A trivet and spoon rest

Hehe this is cute. A little crocheted handbag

Very 70's lamp base that I'm sure will be another bulbless lamp in my house. I'm so silly.

Little hand painted brooch

Oddly shaped handle on this ceramic jug which is pretty cool.

I bought this to display my Jewelery. It's a little 1950's cake stand by Staffordshire.
I've kept my eye out for a 3 tier one for ages.
There was one at a Salvos for $50-ish the other day and I left in a grump, but I'm glad because this one was only $7. ZING!

Retro little set of placemats and coasters

I get funny vibes from things. I usually wouldn't like something like this, but I saw it in the opshop near work the other day, I got my funny feeling and just fell in love with it! I have no idea why, but I really like it.

A couple of late 50's early 60's day dresses. They're absolutely gorgeous!! So much work has gone into them! And those beautiful metal zips that make me very happy.

And is there a dress more Trish than this? I don't think so. I bought this from Poppet Vintage on Thursday.
My god she has some beautiful Vintage! And her prices are so reasonable!
You just have to go and snap up a bargain or 5 because zing! Just look at this dress will you? Yee

Ok now for my other favorite item. Complete, and boxed.. with extra's that didn't come in the original set is this... F A B U L O U S.. A M A Z I N G.. G E E W O W.. Space age Barbie furniture set.
As my Cousin has said, anything that deserves spaces between letters must be pretty good, and boy, this is... S O G O O D!
I had to have this, and I definitely payed for it.
It's just way too cool to not own.
It's like a mini Trish house haha.
I've said before that I never was a Barbie girl when I was little. I was a Tomboy building cubby houses and setting booby traps, so this is all new and exciting for me. I can't wait to set it all up at home.

And thats it!!

Time for last nights home made pizza Mmmmmmmm


Ayesha said...

awww! I adore everything!!
Especially the dresses and mermaid pictures!

You get the best finds seriously!
Makes me think Aussie op-shops are a goldmine for kitchy homewheres and kiwi op-shops just arn't!

:D Magical!


Miss Claire said...

Oh-la-la! I loooove those dresses! And the your owl selection is precious. Have a look on my blog at the J H Lynch print that I scored on ebay for $40! I think you'd like it. Your mermaid is gorgeous! I'm very envious of your amazing finds...Claire:)

trishhunterfinds said...

Ayesha - Oh yay! Yee the mermaid picture is truly one of my favorite things I own. I'll never part with it. You'll have to come over and check out the Aussie Ops :) I've actually been wanting to check out the Kiwi ones myself!

Claire - The JH Lynch is fabulous. I've had my eyes pealed for a long while and am still yet to find one.
Pft to water marks. My mermaid has water marks, but they are only bad if it effects how you like it. So unless you plan to resell things, water marks aren't even worth caring about :)

Piglet said...

Love all of the dresses, especially the first one.
And the Barbie furniture is fantastic. I love how none of it is pink!

angel wings and hearts said...

yes, the mermaid picture is very nice. can't say i have ever seen one before.
the dress with the heads on it is very unusual.

you need to find a tiny "trish" doll to sit amongst that furniture as it looks like your house. :)

oh and owls are cute. :)

meglet said...

love love love the mermaid pic!
She looks a little like Miranda Kerr... gorgeous!
When are you coming to explore Ballarat?!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does the mermaid look like a ginger version of Miranda Kerr?

EmilyKate said...

Oh wow. The Barbie set = marvelous. angel is right you've gotta do up a little Barbie as yourself.
Those owls are fab too. I'm on the lookout for some.

disa said...

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