Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's in the genes!

Once upon a time, my Nan found her addiction to opshops.
It's been passed down to my Mum, Aunty, and now to me.
Still, every time I pick up anything shiny/glittery/sequinny/diamondy, I say in my Nan's Scottish accent 'That would look nice on a boat' Without a doubt she'd say it every time.
When we were kids, every time Nan and Pop would visit us, we'd run out the front excited to see what she had brought us. One time when we asked what she'd brought, she said "Today my dear, I brought myself!" Oh the disappointment. Hahaha.
Every Christmas at Nans house the fireplace would be lined with Christmas stockings with the names of all of the grandchildren on them, and they'd be FULL of opshop goodies she'd picked up through the year. And an orange at the bottom of course.
I'm super lucky to have this gene in our family, because I not only have my eyes looking for bits and pieces, I have my Mum and now my Aunty on the hunt for little prezzies for me. I'm very lucky.
So on Tuesday I went and visited my Aunty Yaya and family. It was a long time over due!
Shortly after I arrive, Aunty Yaya comes out holding a treasure chest and wearing a big smile!!
It truly was a treasure chest, not only in shape but in content!! Oooooh!
We were both so excited to go through it, and one by one, out came such fabulous finds!

I'll show you them in a sec, I'll go back to my previous blog where I said I bought so much I couldn't carry it home.
Here's some more things!

(Be prepared, this blog is going to be HUGE, grab a cookie and hot chocolate and go to the loo before you start haha)

Here's the water colour I told you about.
It's currently the favorite thing I own.
It's painted by an Australian painter Mary Talbot, and was once owned by Violet Dulieu.
Good good pretty painting

This light shade is pretty cool. It's in pieces at the moment, but they were kind enough to leave an example of how it looked back in its day for me.

You know how much I love my tacky prints. Doesn't even deserve to be leaning against my water colour, but I still love it.
I was also given another wide eye print from my friend Ray, but I think I left it at a friends house :(

Ray's another friend that picks me up little goodies on his travels.
He also found this flower power ironing board cover for a childrens ironing board.
I'm going to try and look out for one and use it as a table top board to save me lugging out my big wooden one every time I need to iron something.

Finally... that thing you'd been waiting so long for but never quite found the one you imagined. I've been hanging out for a coffee table for ages now. The week before I bought this one, I bid on one on Ebay and lost. Two days later ZING!! I found another for a lot less than my max eBay bid.

Ok here come a mixture of the bits and pieces my Aunt found me, and some of the things I picked up too.

Best book ever. It's made of like a canvassy fabric, and the pictures are quite scary but so so cool at the same time.

Cute tea towel and 70's hand made felt oven mitt.

There's something about this doll! Not sure what, but there's something. The plastics different than most, and she just looks different. Hmm.

I love my cats! I don't like real cats at all, but ooh the retro ones are one of my favorite collections. Hopefully in our travels we'll find the other half :)

Naaw cute compact mirror.

Hehe how cute is this costume pattern book!

3 glowmesh items. The one on the right was my Nans. :)

Speaking of glowmesh items, how cute is this atomizer? This was given to my Aunt for her 21st. And now it's mine :) Special.

A couple of bits of retro cased glass vases

As weird as it sounds, this coin purse was one of my favorite finds for the week.

Tooled bag

Couple of rad hats!

Vintage Sandler cork wedges

Fabulous lace up rocker witch boots!! Fabulous.

Couple of bow shoes

Macaroni handbag :)

Very Trish style swap cards

Elephant planter pot

Cookie jar and little plastic plates

Space agey cups

Misc bits and pieces including swizzle sticks and a travel kettle coil that boils water... won't be putting THAT in water any time soon.

1960's swimming cap


Another prezzie from a friend :) This fabbbbulous and rather large Sandland Ware Staffordshire mug Yee.

And lastly here's one of my outfits. :)

Fewf!!! ALL DONE!!
I already know about 3 or so things I forgot to photograph (great) But after that effort I think I'll save them for next time... which will hopefully be sooner than it was last time. I've barely even been home! I'll catch up on all of your posts, and reply to your lovely comments in the next couple of days :) But for now.... bed time :)
Mmmm hot water bottle.


Jacinta said...

A friend of mine has the exact same "tacky print" as that. I felt the need to tell you this, haha.

Lucy said...

I LOVE the prints and the tooled bag and the glo mesh items and the coffee table and basically everything! Absolutely gorgeous and AWESOME finds!!!
I cant wait to see the next round!

Lucy xo.

Rosie Unknown said...

Love the black glomesh bag!

piglet said...

Oh I love the glomesh bags. My Nana had a gold one when I was little and I've been in love with them ever since!

Hammie said...

Oh how I love your daisy dress. It made me get over that Myra Hindley doll. Do not have that thing in the house while you are sleeping.

Now, who gives a kid a toy ironing board??


peaitlreiecnia said...

awesome post!!! you could open your own shop, filled solely with the lovely items you featured in this post. simply lovely

meglet said...

Oh wow! I have that "It's easy to sew" book too :) Looks like you've had a good week. I always keep an eye out for you.

trishhunterfinds said...

Jacinta - Hahha your friend is a champ!! Tacky prints are the best!!

Lucy - Hhahaha thankyouu :) I'm so so happy with the coffee table. I actually have another place to pile up more stuff!! haha.

Rosie - Thanks! I used to love patting them when I was little.

Piglet - The gold ones are the best! My purse is a gold glomesh. It's so easy to find in your bag haha

Hammie - Bhahahahahahahahaha. I love your comments, I always get a laugh.
1. Myra Hindley hilarious
2. Back in the day I think they were trying to manipulate kids into doing chores by making them into 'fun' toys, toy washing machines, sewing machines, ironing boards, mixers, oh the list goes on. Pretty gullible kids!

Peaitlreiecnia - That's the plan :) Yee. I can't wait! Thanks so much.

Meg - Bahah, perhaps your Mum and my Aunty found them together? That wouldn't surprise me now!
Let me know when you're next in Melbourne hey!! :) And oh aren't you sweet for keeping your eyes out for me.

Mockingbird Fair Vintage said...

I love reading your blog Trish. I especially love the paintings! There is no better feeling than finding treasures at the oppy :)

EmilyKate said...

Ooooooh, I'm dyin' here. That planter and cookie jar are Freakworthy. I love the print and the painting. Disembodied heads- I'm getting a Mulligrubs flashback.
That stretch sewing book will be a good one I reckon- I have onother of Kerstin Martensson's from the 70's about making lingerie and it is ACE.

Loz and Dinny said...

wow - my mum made my sister that queen of heart's enid gilchrist costume for a party she went to in 1976 - I was 3 and very very jealous! I still remember her leaving for the party!

Bucca said...

Amazing stuff - that fish purse is awesome so cute.
Those prints you bought remind me of my childhood but I can't quite place them .. strange! thanks for your comment too :) I'm a lurker (and sometimes a commenting) fan of your blog so it's nice to get a comment from you!

Pannikin said...

I love love love that black glo-mesh purse. Sigh. So sparkly. Everytime I come across glo-mesh I HAVE to touch it. No exceptions.

I also adore the 'tacky print' and, well, basicaly everything here! You find some brilliant things. I imagine your home to be just like Mary Poppins' handbag. :)

Mystica said...

I love the op shopping experience that Melbourne offers. I am not into the retro scene but love fabric of any kind plus household stuff. Your finds are all so gorgeous.


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